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 Personal Outlook

Your Personality and Unique Potential

Divided into three sections: first your birth-chart, a map of the solar system drawn up for the moment you were born; second is your Planetary information, useful if you want to help take your study of astrology further.

Lastly, the Personal Outlook Profile interprets your birth-chart, looking at the meaning of each planet in turn. The intensity of the relationship between the planets is indicated by the number of highlighted stars.

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Astrologers believe that our character and the events that occur in our lives are influenced by the alignment of the planets at the moment of birth. However, we are still able to exercise free will and make creative choices. Astrology is a little like the weather - it can influence our actions (for example we might cancel a picnic if we know it is going to rain!), but it doesn't force us to do anything, merely makes suggestions.

We can choose to live life, following habitual patterns and taking the easiest options, or we can decide that we have a meaningful destiny and something unique and of value to contribute to the world. Your Personal Outlook Profile is designed to stimulate your interest and give you a deeper understanding of your motivations, challenges and strengths.

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