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 Scorpio Weekly

Scorpio Horoscope
Dear Scorpion, the Moon is moving through your health sector this week and as she does, she touches Venus, Pallas Athena and Uranus with her reflective light. Looking good and taking care of your diet and exercise regime are very important to you because your security is hinged on having a strong constitution so that you can cope well with the challenging daily routine of your life. Pallas Athena will help you to remember constructive patterns that can aid this endeavour and by Tuesday when the Moon highlights Uranus, there is an intuitive understanding of what is needed for your success. Act on your gut feelings! The new Moon in Gemini makes its appearance on Friday within your shared resources arena and brings opportunity for communicating new ideas concerning assets within partnerships. Your feedback or input could help to grow investments and spice up your own financial portfolio. With Mercury opposite Saturn by the end of this week, you will have all the seriousness of mind needed to focus on financial structures within your business partnerships.

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 About Scorpio

Scorpio is good at passion. Ruled by dark Pluto, they can turn on the other signs at 500 leagues when the wind is in the right direction. With pheromones like these, Scorpio doesn't need any other aid. Beyond the bedroom, Scorpio knows how to make money and influence people to the degree that they can become quite powerful and respected. Intuitive and sensitive to everything that goes on around them, they can get the edge in almost any encounter. Scorpio generates the kind of excitement that draws people like magnets, and give their projects an air of mystery and secrecy. Scorpios are deeply possessive, and like to know everything about a person or enterprise they are involved with.

The trouble is, they start to enjoy manipulating, and become ruthless in pursuit of their desires. Make sure your love of power is balanced by humanity, because things get really ugly when a Scorpio goes on a power bender.

Scorpio Celebrities
Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Sean Combs, Joni Mitchell, Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, Goldie Hawn
Zodiac Symbol
The Scorpion
October 23 - November 22
Zodiac Element
Zodiac Quality
Pisces, Cancer

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