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Psychic Reader and Healer Each month we’ll interview a Kasamba Psychic that has a Wow! factor in their work. This is a great opportunity to recognize and personally introduce our partner site Kasamba’s top psychics – those who help truly improve the lives of their clients and contribute to the astrology community. Get to know our top psychics!

Meet our December 2016 Psychic of the month, Psychic Tsahai. From being her mother’s wise “little witch” to becoming a published author on Reiki, a life coach and an esteemed psychic, her journey spans an excellent career in intuitive arts. She has what it takes to be there for her clients as a psychic, as a guide and as an ally, walking by their side as they go throug life's challenges. In this candid interview, she shares her life story, her insights, and her heart with us.

Tell us about yourself, your gift, and your experience.

I was born in St Ann Jamaica. My Mom was first to comment on my psychic abilities and would refer to me affectionately as ‘my little witch’. This because I was always seeing things in my dreams about others and myself that would actually manifest in real life. I had a heightened sense of approaching danger for myself and others around me.

Over the years I have helped people from all over the world with the skills that I gathered. Here on the island I get invited to events and private parties to do readings... especially New Year’s parties. Occasionally I am invited to do readings live on air on Nationwide FM and my work has had front page features in our major tabloid ‘The Daily Gleaner’ and mentioned in even another newspaper The Observer. I am the author of ‘Reiki for Self-Realization – Awakening the Power to Manifest’ and recently became a certified Life Coach in an effort to become a better Body/Mind Healer.

So now I have come to accept who I am and am comfortable with it. I am the embodiment of an ‘old spirit’, a Medicine Woman, a Bush Doctor carrying on the tradition of my ancestors in this lifetime in service to humanity.

What training have you done to further develop your psychic abilities? 

The advent of my initiation into the Reiki discipline is about the most profound contribution to my psychic development as I referred to before, and spoke of with more in my book ‘Reiki for Self- Realization...Awakening the Power to Manifest’. Each degree proved to have strengthened my ability to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ vibrations.

I learned through my Guides how to combine both the Tarot and I-Ching in one reading session to give a more detailed, accurate reading.

What advice do you have for first time clients? 

When a client is connecting with me for the first time it is best to:

  • Read my bio to ensure that I am what you are looking for in a psychic on the level of required skills and my style of communication or delivery. This is important as each expert is gifted with their own combination of skills and specialize in different aspects of divination.
  • Before actually entering the reading session client is recommended to prepare a quiet space – preferably free from clutter – in which to conduct the session. Ensure the space is free from distractions such as television, radio or even family member/friends who are not a part of the reading. This is because in an effort to draw on your energy, I may very well connect to the other person’s energy as well, which will bear upon what will become a less accurate reading for you.
  • Before connecting with me sit in the space that you intend to listen to the reading. Meditate on what you want to know and write down clear questions. The way the questions are fashioned will determine how the Oracle will reply.
  • Also take a few minutes to quiet your mind and connect with your Personal Spirit Guides/ God/Ancestors... whatever you believe in and ask that answers be revealed to your concerns. If you are overly troubled and therefore anxious then sit in your quiet space and close your eyes and take a series of slow, deep breaths.
  • Take notes during the reading. Sometimes in the moment that the reading is being done you can’t pick up on exactly what some parts of the message is saying but later as you ponder on it things become clearer... and again don’t be afraid to ask when something is not clear to you.

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What do you usually do to prepare yourself before a reading?

Since my Reiki Guides are my Teachers and Helpers in my divination sessions and my Ancestors play the role of giving me clairaudient messages, I sign the appropriate Reiki Symbols on myself, the deck and name of the client and repeat the ‘Light-workers Prayer’. I ask the Spirits to speak through me on behalf of the client. This centers my energy and opens the pathway to connect with the clients’ Energy Field which carries their Akasha Records

In your experience, what stops people from living their dreams?

There are many reasons why people even with the best of intentions fail to accomplish their dreams. Here I will focus on what I consider the major ones. The greatest hindrance to living our dreams are our belief system, a failure to plan well and further a failure to put the correct strategies in place to bring about the manifestation of our desires.

We all have goals and aspirations but if we do not believe in ourselves - and believe that we are truly deserving of the things we desire, ‘claiming it’ as our own, then our dreams are in vain. Since our belief system was formed primarily in our formative years we carry into adulthood (without realizing), a lot of habits and thoughts/perceptions on life that stunts our growth and development in many ways. To address this we must consciously reprogram our Subconscious Minds to set the stage for success. By this I mean to engage in a practical exercise that will enable you to identify what are your ‘Brick Walls’ and then taking steps to remove them. For example, you may have been struggling with your love life or even making money all your life despite your best intentions and efforts. For love you may have been taught at an early age, by your caregiver or others that you looked up to that love doesn’t exist by the way they treated you or other people around you or by the phrases and statements that they constantly repeated. Statements like ‘I don’t trust or love anybody but myself and God’. In the case of money you might have heard: ‘Do you think manner is still falling from the sky? Poor ones like us can’t afford such things!’ The constant impression of these kind of thoughts upon the mind eventually ‘crystalizes’ in the Sub-conscious and form ‘Brick Walls’ that we must tear down and discard if we are to succeed in the given areas. One way to do this is to make a list of your desires and then create a Vision Board or a Mental Movie. Take time out to meditate on them in detail daily. In doing so you are reprograming the Sub-conscious mind and creating a vortex around you that will actually draw these images of your mind to you.

There is an old adage that says: ‘He who fails to plan, plans to fail!’ Strategic planning is a vital part of how we accomplish what we truly want. This is where most people fall down or off the ‘Ladder of Success’. For though our desires to achieve may be strong, we must set out a plan of action – steps to be taken to move us toward making the dream into a reality. You must be prepared to put in the work in order to get where you want to go.

Finally and maybe most important is that if you have done all the afore mentioned and still are not getting the desired results, or even being successful to a point but yet not feeling happy and fulfilled - then maybe it is time to re-examine your dreams and aspirations to see if they are in alignment with your Divine destiny. Is the thing that you desire really a perfect match for who you really are? Would you be fulfilling your life purpose with these things in your life. Here again is where the help of a good psychic with multiple skills would come in handy. A good in-depth reading could be just what you need in order to determine if you are on the right track. Self-examination, maintaining focus and seeking help when and where needed is essential to success. No man is an island and we are here to support each other’s dreams.

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How can someone prepare themselves for the New Year fast approaching?  

The end of each year is always a time for reflection in every culture. It is a time when we look back at our accomplishments and disappointments or failures over the first two quarters of the year. Some of us will be even more nostalgic and look even further back. All with the thought of improving things in our lives. This is the time when we begin formulate our ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. For the things that went well we may want to devise ways to maintain or improve on them. However we all have those unfulfilled desires and goals that we will seek to accomplish. Even old worn out or bad habits we will vow to illuminate from our lives at this time of the year. Be it a matter concerning Career/Money, Relationship/Love or Spiritual/Personal Development, the New Year is seen as a time to make a ‘Fresh Start’ or ‘A New Beginning’.

In light of this, it is useful for each person in this reflective mode to literally make up a couple lists on which to ponder. The first list should contain the things that have now become old washed up, destructive habits/things and situations. Then the second should comprise of the things we want and hope to attract in our live in the New Year. For the first list we must make a firm affirmation and devise methods that truly remove or put these things behind us .To accomplish this requires much willpower and courage because as we know ‘old habits die hard’ and the things that are bad for us are always the hardest to let go. With the list that represents the things that you would like to attract to your life, you need to begin to lay the groundwork in your mind as to how to chart a course to succeed. Come up with some practical/sound plans and strategize, on paper at first, the steps needed to be taken to get where you want to go. If needs be, get help from a good source to guide in areas that you may not have the expertise or can’t handle on your own. Make a commitment to yourself to practice ‘stick-to-it-iveness’ and write down some statements of affirmation relating to your plans to serve as a reminder throughout the year ahead.

Whilst making these plans and affirmations for a fresh start or new beginnings a good, detailed and accurate psychic reading can play a vital role in ensuring that you make the right choices as you navigate your way toward success in the coming year. The use of the Oracle will help to reveal what lies ahead for you, thus enabling you to make the best choices/decisions hence providing you with a greater chance for success. It may even warn you of unsuspected pitfalls lurking behind your plans. There is a perfect psychic for everyone, so select your expert based on the type of questions you have to ask. See that you select a psychic that has the required skills and specialize in answering the line of questions you want to ask. In this way you will more than likely receive clear, accurate guidance.

As a Tarot and I-Ching Divinator I suggest that persons should start with a ‘General Year Reading’ which will give a general overview of what lies ahead for the period. Then ask specific questions about specialized areas if it was not touched upon or detailed enough in the general overview. To be forewarned is to be forearmed! After the reading session is over you may decide to make some adjustments to you plans based on what was revealed. After this you will be all set to charge into the New Year with more confidence.

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