Dog Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Dog Chinese Zodiac
The social and serendipitous month of the Monkey not only continues this week but reaches its peak, with its influence building with the waxing Moon. Any lunar month reaches its peak during the Full Moon that sits at the halfway point but not just because this is equal distance from the beginning and end of the month. In the build up to this Full Moon, the Moon is waxing, so everything is building and growing. After the Full Moon, the Moon enters its waning phase, with everything starting to wind down. As this falls just two weeks before the more nostalgic and reflective month of the Rooster begins, by the weekend you will be starting to disengage a little. This makes it important to front load the week, especially when it comes to personal and professional networking. This is when you will not only be more engaged but the things you put your time and energy into will have maximum momentum.

2020 - Year of the Rat
By the time a lunar year ends you have been under its influence for close to a year and a lot of this not only rubs off on you, but its real impact is yet to be fully realized, even after it ends. That is the case with the Year of the Pig, which ends on 24th January and for the Dog can be the most lucrative year in a 12 year lunar cycle. Whatever this did or didn’t deliver, this has left you with a lot of untapped income potential and also a belief in yourself that will continue to attract opportunities. This should be evident when new work and job developments open up in February and March and again in July and August, which will host the most competitive and professionally charged weeks of 2020.

In the meantime, money matters will get an unexpected boost thanks to a leap month. A leap month falls when there are 13 New Moons in a year where there can only be 12 lunar months. This means one is repeated and this year the month being repeated is the month of the Snake, a month that for the Dog will always give you an edge when it comes to money matters. The first month of the Snake will run from 23rd April to 22nd May, with the second running straight after, from 22nd May to 21st June. Meanwhile, when the Year of the Pig ends on 24th January this will usher in the Year of the Rat, a year that for the Dog will always give you an intellectually savvy edge and put the focus on communication.

This is a good year for all forms of expression and especially if writing or communication is part of your job or is something you put time to yourself. This can be put to good use on the relationship front during the month of the Dragon, which runs from 24th March to 23rd April. This is a month that will always put the focus on your relationships and can create a clash between your personal and relationship needs. It will be good to have the Rat helping out during that time.

About the Dog
The Dog is loyal, sincere and altruistic. The Dog is one of the most objective and fair-minded signs in the zodiac. They believe in justice for all. They will fight passionately for their principles and champion the underdogs. For this reason, they can be self-righteous at times. Dogs see the world rather simplistically in "black & white" with no grey areas, hence they are incapable of appreciating mixed motives in people.

They have powerful and logical minds. Although friendly and positive, Dogs are often suspicious of strangers. This makes them slow to make friends.

You will always find them loyal, reliable, honest and generous. Good team players, they work well with other people, although you might find them stubborn and a bit narrow-minded.

They also take their time to give affection in romantic relationships and are often alarmed by those who display it openly and promptly. But when a Dog surrenders its affection, it is for life. They make extremely loyal partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Roosters

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