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The reality is that the New Year often brings a lot of hype that the year itself doesn’t deliver on. The holiday period is over, we get into the year proper and we find that once the glitter wears off we have the same old same old. That is not the case this year, with 2018 not only very different to 2017 in almost every conceivable way but instead of over promising and under delivering, it will under promise and over deliver. There are clues from the get go that this year will be very different, mainly because Jupiter and Saturn, the planets that are the engine driving any year, both changed signs late last year. This is something that last happened in 2014. With lucky Jupiter still in his early months in your financial sector and Saturn just 11 days into your career sector by the time you move into the New Year, there are definitely clues. What you can’t tell from the get go is just how huge this is set to become. Mars will play an important role on both fronts, but in different ways. Starting the year with both Jupiter and Mars in your financial sector at the same time is advantage enough, with the planets of luck and passion getting things off to the best possible start. The last time that happened was 38 years ago, but back in 1970 they never aligned. This time Jupiter and Mars will spend the first week of 2018 aligned in your financial sector, getting this lucky year for money matters off to an authentic start from the get go. By the time Mars leaves on the 27th January, you’ll have more than enough momentum. This is happening at the same time that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all supporting Saturn in his early weeks in your career sector, where here the developments are even more game changing. Saturn returns to your career sector every 27 to 28 years and Pluto has been here since 2008, but they have never and will never meet up again here again in your lifetime. Together now for the next three years, this is the foundation year for a major period of professional growth that will not only continue out until 2020 but will simply explode. For it is during 2019/2020 that they will be joined by lucky Jupiter. What is even more stunning is Uranus’ return to your income sector on the 16th May, kicking off a visit that will take until 2026 to run its course. Having spent the last eight years promoting personal growth and a return to your own truth, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected turns his focus onto your income situation, in the early months of your biggest professional year ever.


There are two main features to 2018 when it comes to your love life and matters of the heart. One is what ‘is’ happening and the other is what ‘isn’t’ happening. What you leave behind in 2018 are the relationship challenges of the past few years, along with the heavy focus on your relationships. It is not just the 13 months that Jupiter spent in your relationship sector, from September 2016 to October 2017 that put so much focus on your relationships and it wasn’t the reason for the challenges. It was that this came during a period of finding your personal truth that created the tension. Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos only left your relationship sector in the final weeks of 2017, with 2018 having a very different feel from the get go. January 2018 is the first month since July 2016, where there have been no planets on the relationship front. It is not until a Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 1st April that there will be any real input from the relationship gods. Yet having spent nearly 18 months getting to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, you start the year at an empowered point. The next time that the focus turns to your relationships will be Venus’ return on the 7th August, when she starts something rather special. Not content to visit once, Venus will leave on 9th September, only to return for a double dip visit from the 1st November to the 3rd December. This will build on all that you have worked towards in 2016 and 2017. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships at the start of the year, the final five months of 2018 create the potential for something special. In the meantime, while relationship matters take a back seat, what does define 2018 are the stunning conditions in play on the romantic front. You start the year with a romantic wave already in play, with a total lunar eclipse on the 1st February creating the potential for something fateful. With Ceres, queen of nurturing in your romantic sector until the 28th June and Venus, the planet of love returning on the 14th June to take over, there will be a love god on the field right through to early September. With another solar eclipse on the 11th August, the element of fate runs throughout the year. Right through to the North Node’s departure on the 7th November.


This year we have a mix of the expected and the unexpected and fortunately, in both cases, there is nothing but good news. What you can be sure of from the get go though is that this is going to be a BIG year for both income and money matters as a whole. The expected is on the financial front, for while 2018 is destined to be a lucky year for money matters, with the potential for real financial growth, Jupiter has been in your financial sector since October 2017. This has given the planet of luck and expansion time to establish a foothold and with a lot of support in the closing months of 2017, to gain some momentum. You not only begin the year with Jupiter in your financial sector but Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos as well. Having returned in early December, they spent the closing weeks of 2017 together and not due to leave until the 27th January, will spend the early weeks of 2018 together. You not only start the year with luck on your side from the get go but with your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled. You should start the year with a good sense of what you’re fighting for, while ready to fight for what you want from the get go. Apart from a Full Moon on the 30th April, Jupiter will spend much of the year in the background, before Mercury returns on the 10th October, followed by the Sun and Venus in a push to bring things home. With Jupiter not leaving until the 9th November, this will see a lot of things come together in his final month. It is on the income front that you will experience the unexpected. Even when Venus returns to your income sector on the 31st March, the Sun on the 20th April and Mercury on the 14th May there will be nothing to suggest that this is anything other than your annual update. The Sun will always move through your income sector at this time each year, with Venus and Mercury never far away. However, it’s on the 16th May, a day after a New Moon on the 15th May that everything changes. This is the day that what started as an annual update that income matters get at this time each year, turns into something game changing. For this is the day that Uranus returns to your income sector for the first time since 1942 and apart from a short break from the 7th November 2018 to the 6th March 2019, he’s here until 2026. Jupiter might be making this a lucky year for money matters, but Uranus will take you into an eight year period of income growth.


You have always and will always start each year with the Sun in your career sector and this year this turns out to be a huge advantage. For with the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options for the first three weeks of this incredible professional year, you’ll have your eyes open from the get go. Yet the Sun’s departure on the 20th January leaves you with a small snapshot of what not only this year is set to deliver, but the next three years. For as far as your professional game is concerned 2018, 2019 and 2020 are a package deal. It was on the 20th December, two days before the Sun’s return last year that everything changed, though in reality, this is something you have been preparing for, for much of the last decade. The 20th December saw Saturn not only return to your career sector for the first time in over a decade but team up with Pluto for the first time here in our lifetime. With Pluto here until 2024 and Saturn until December 2020, this is the start of the three most powerful professional years on record. With Jupiter joining them at the end of next year, 2020 is set to be the pinnacle year. What makes this so game changing is the makeup of Saturn and Pluto, who last came together from 1982 to 1985. Pluto is the planet of change and revolution and Saturn of structure. Pluto brings the will to change and Saturn brings the power to move mountains if you have to. Together for three years that gives you a lot of time to work on things. While this is the start of a three year journey, there will be a lot of support throughout the year. Along with the Sun, who is here until the 20th January, Venus is here until the 18th January and Mercury will move through from the 11th January to the 1st February. Together they are focused on both getting this new professional year up to speed and in getting this powerful new three year period on track and moving in the right direction. This is the point where Saturn and Pluto take over and here for three years, the focus shifts from a sprint to a marathon. However, Mars will change everything when he not only moves through your career sector from the 18th March to the 16th May but returns for a double dip visit from the 13th August to the 11th September. While Pluto and Saturn are here for the long haul, Mars is a planet that likes to make things happen now, so these will be very active months, with the potential for game changing developments. Things are a lot tamer on the job front, though throughout the most active months of the year for work and job matters, this will come with the full support of Mars, Saturn and Pluto on the career front. That period runs from Ceres’ return to your work sector on the 28th June to the Sun’s departure on the 23rd September.

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