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As an Air sign, it is always the less tangible aspects of life that impact you, which is why Jupiter’s position in your communication sector for the majority of the year will be such an asset. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and while this does mean this is a lucky and auspicious year for all aspects of communication, it is much bigger than that. This creates a vibrant year, where you will feel smarter, you are able to think on your feet and you will crave mental stimulation. Because of that, this is often a good year professionally, for you’re able to think on your feet, multitask and will thrive in any environment where communication, intelligence and intellectual acumen is an advantage. And there is plenty of support across the income, work and career fronts this year to support that.

To start with it is your relationships that will benefit, especially with Mars not so much returning to your relationship sector on New Year’s Day, but bursting onto the scene. With Uranus in retrograde motion here until 7th January, it was looking like a slow start to the year for relationship matters. As you also start the year with Mercury, the planet of communication in your communication sector until 5th January and then Venus, the planet of love returning on 8th January, the year starts with a massive coming together of communication and relationship forces. While the whole year is an auspicious one for all aspects of communication, it is your relationships that will benefit from this, in the early months of the year.

In the meantime, this is a big year for home and family matters, with a solar eclipse on the home front on 6th January hinting at the potential for new beginnings. However, for the most part, home and family matters are likely to quietly tick over, with little if any haste. This is mainly because this is a year for putting down roots and foundations, ahead of lucky Jupiter’s return on 3rd December. This should kick off your most important year for home and family matters in over a decade, but this will be the first, last and only time that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will met up here in our lifetime. The full impact of that will be felt next year, with 2019 a stepping stone to 2020, when it comes to home and family matters.


There are certain points of any year when there is more focus on romantic or relationship matters, even when there is planetary activity in play all year. Those points are determined by when the Sun moves through your romantic and relationship sectors, with Venus and Mercury always travelling close by. For that reason, January and February are, for you, always the most active months of any year on the romantic front and March and April are the most active months of any year for relationship matters. Even though you have had Uranus in your relationship sector for the majority of the last eight years that is still the case, as he is happy to work behind the scenes. However, Mars is defying all those protocols, with the warrior planet of the cosmos playing by his own rules this year.

Mars will burst onto the scene, allowing your relationships to jump the queue, literally in the early hours of the year. Returning to your relationship sector on New Year’s Day, Mars will fire things up on the relationship front from the get go. And with Uranus leaving on 6th March and not returning for another eight decades, the timing couldn’t be better. You will still begin your annual relationship review when the Sun returns to your relationship sector on 21st March, but by then Mars and Uranus will have been and gone. Uranus is in the final months of an eight year quest to put your relationships on an authentic path, regardless of what has to happen to make that possible. Mars returns in time to help you fight for what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.

Mars is here until 15th February and Uranus until 6th March, which happens to also be some of the romantically charged weeks of 2019. There is also a huge amount of support from the communication gods, with the potential for some major relationship breakthroughs in the early months of the year. Meanwhile, things also take a romantic turn with the Sun’s return to your romantic sector on 20th February. While the Sun will only keep the solar spotlight on matters of the heart and all things romantic for a month, these are during critical relationship weeks. Things will take a more romantic turn when Venus, the planet of love moves through your romantic from 2nd March to 27th March. By then, with Mars and Uranus gone from your relationship sector but the rebuilding underway, Venus’ romantic touch will be a real asset. This is the first of two visits Venus will make this year, with the planet of love returning to your romantic sector from 20th December 2019 to January 2020, seeing out the year here.


This is a year when the balance of power shifts, with income matters that were the driving force last year taking a back seat and money matters coming to the fore. To start with that is not the case, for you begin the year with Venus, the planet of money still in your income sector. This is a remarkable feat for a planet that returned in August, for what is typically less than a four week visit. Yet Venus returned during Jupiter’s final months and a retrograde turn took her out and a direct turn brought her back. As a result, while all other planets have moved on, Venus is here until 8th January, the perfect planet to exploit any remaining untapped income potential, but also to ensure this new financial year has a lucrative sense of direction from the get go. This will end a period of continuous planetary activity on the income front that began in October 2017, with a chance then to let things settle.

Apart from a Full Moon in your income sector on 19th May, there will be no more action on the income front until the next round of planetary activity picks up from 3rd October. However, once it does it will continue through to early 2020, with two particularly lucrative pockets. The first will run from 9th October to 2nd November, when Venus makes a quick turnaround from her position here at the start of the year. The second is from 19th November 2019 to 3rd January 2020, with the whole period between these two pockets well supported. With a lot of professional momentum at the start of the year, even though Venus’ departure on 8th January will leave your income sector empty, there will be plenty of professional and income momentum by then.

In the meantime, while there is little focus on money matters at the start of the year, once things begin to move money matters will remain active for the next seven years. Things start to move with Mars’ return to your financial sector on 15th February, where he will spend until 31st March firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit. This is before the Sun even returns on 20th April, to begin your annual financial review. It is on Mars’ watch that everything changes, with Uranus returning to your financial sector on 6th March, where he will remain until 2026. While income matters shift to shorter and more intense periods of activity, money matters shift more towards a long and slow burn, as you begin a seven year journey to gain more financial authenticity. Over time, this is a chance to not just take your financial power back, but establish your own relationship with money. To have Mars fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit from the get go is a good way to begin that journey.


While 2019 isn’t an overly busy professional year and definitely not a challenging one, it is not exactly quiet or what you would call typical. A typical professional year, especially for your cosmic mates is no ongoing planetary activity in either of your two professional houses and then pockets of each year when things are active on either the job or career fronts. That has not been the reality for you for some time, for while Chiron returned to your work sector in 2010 and Neptune in 2012, Uranus had been there since 2003. Your work sector has been continuously active since 2003 and will be until Neptune leaves in 2026. When you have planets here for this long, they largely work in the background. At the same time, while your work sector has been continuously active, your career sector has not been, until now.

The North Node’s return to your career sector in November puts this auspicious, lucky and positive energy in play on the career front until May 2020 and with Neptune in your work sector all year, this is an auspicious year on both fronts. However, as I said this doesn’t mean busy or challenging, for both are happy to work behind the scenes. They will, however, prove just how powerful they are when there is other planetary activity and in the case of the North Node, when the Sun becomes involved. You begin the year with Mars in your work sector, but as he will leave on New Year’s Day, the year might begin on a busy note, only to pull back. This is more a case of your 2018 professional year running into the early hours of 2019, something you are able to benefit from.

Things will pick up again from 11th February to 21st April. It is during this period that the Sun, Mercury and Venus will all move through your work sector, but Chiron will also leave on 18th February. Here since 2010, Chiron has been holding things back, forcing you to continue to learn from the past. This has been important, but his departure will set you free to follow Neptune’s dreams. Once Venus leaves your work sector on 21st April dreamy Neptune will be on his own and apart from the Moon’s monthly visits, the most important being a Full Moon on 14th September, it will stay that way for the rest of the year. Yet in an auspicious case of good timing, Venus will leave your work sector on 21st April, the same day Juno returns to your career sector to kick off this year’s planetary activity on the career front. To start with this is more a chance to explore your options, with things really taking off with Mars’ return on 16th May. This kicks off some auspicious months on the career front that will run through to 12th August, with a total solar eclipse on 3rd July offering the North Node a chance to flex its muscles.

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