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Leo Horoscope
There is every reason for confidence across the income, work and career fronts, but it's on the work front that you really need to pay attention this week. The Moon will return to your work sector on Tuesday, two weeks since Mercury left, giving you an intuitive read on the forces that have stayed behind to keep the wheels turning. This is important, for there is something curious developing on the work front. Mercury returned in early December for what should have been a 15 day visit, but instead only left over two months later. Now Juno, who returned earlier in the month for what should be a six to eight week visit, has completely moved. Juno won't now leave until just before Christmas. What is happening? The professional gods are preparing you for some of the biggest job developments in three decades, developments that will kick off later in the year.

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 About Leo

Leo is good at being warm hearted, generous and kind. Ruled by the Sun, they love to shine and are great extroverts. Leo enjoys company and love to spoil everyone and share their own good fortune. Their pride and dignity makes them the kind of person others naturally look up to, and are always first to offer advice and counsel. Like the King of Beasts that is their zodiac symbol, Leo likes to be the boss, and expect everyone to defer to them.

The trouble is, Leo pride refuses to admit that it is ever wrong about anything. When that advice is offered, Leo expects it to be followed to the letter. Make sure you really have the other person's best interests at heart, and don't just want to dominate them. Things can get downright ugly when Leo pride ignores someone else's right to a mind of their own.

Leo Celebrities
Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Laurence Fishburne, Martin Sheen, Dustin Hoffman, Hulk Hogan, Danielle Steel, Christian Slater, Connie Chung
Zodiac Symbol
The Lion
July 23 - August 22
Zodiac Element
Zodiac Quality
Aries, Sagittarius

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