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 Taurus Weekly

Taurus Horoscope
On one hand the Sun's return to Aries this week marks the start of the month long wind down of your old solar year, while on the other hand this has already begun, in all but name. The year isn't even three months old, yet you've already been through the six week wind down of your current Mars cycle, the wind down of your current Venus cycle has been underway for six weeks and your current Mercury cycle since late last Tuesday. Already that's a lot of time reflecting, with Venus taking you in some of the deepest reaches of love's memory lane you've ventured into in years. Yet with Mars already in Taurus, already opening new doors and getting you excited about what the future holds, the past no longer holds your full attention. The Sun's return to a nostalgic part of your chart will throw the spotlight on what is a major point of the year for reflection.

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 About Taurus

Taurus is good at good living. This luxury loving sign enjoys wine, relationships and parties, and is a superb host. Taurus enjoy comfortable homes, sumptuous feasts and well stocked cellars. Known to be immensely stubborn, Taurus is also a loyal friend and partner. Security, both financial and emotional, is very important to Taurus. Placid Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus would rather make love than war, and prefers a good meal to a good argument. They are quite materialistic, but delight in sharing.

The trouble is that Taurus tends to be more gourmand than gourmet, and doesn't know where to stop. Sooner or later all that good living is going to have to be worked off with some serious exercise. Make sure you watch the calories because things get downright ugly when all that good living goes to the Taurus waistline.

Taurus Celebrities
Al Pacino, Jay Leno, Jack Nicholson, Jerry Seinfeld, Uma Thurman, David Beckham, George Clooney, Billy Joel, George Lucas, Dennis Hopper
Zodiac Symbol
The Bull
April 20 - May 20
Zodiac Element
Zodiac Quality
Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

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