Mercury enters Pisces

February 23, 2024
When Mercury, the planet governing communication, intellect and conscious thought, makes its transit into dreamy Pisces, it shines a light onto the intimate connection between our minds and emotions. An air of introspection dominates during this transit period as our thoughts become increasingly influenced by our feelings. This celestial shift prompts us to perceive the world around us through a more compassionate, understanding and empathetic lens while also urging us to delve into uncharted psychological territories. The usual logical processes are supplemented with intuition and we become open to perceive subtle energies that are typically overlooked.

More vivid dreams, heightened sensitivity and an intensified creative flair characterize this phase where logic intertwines with emotion in a unique cosmic ballet. With Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, symbolizing endings and completions, this transit encourages contemplation on past experiences while simultaneously paving way for new beginnings. There is also a tendency to get lost in reverie or be swayed by illusions under Mercury's Piscean influence - hence there’s often a need for grounding reality checks during this period. This is an opportunity for everyone to embrace their emotional intelligence while surrendering control over compulsive rationality.

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