Venus enters Aquarius

February 16, 2024
When Venus, the planet associated with love, beauty, and values, graces the innovative star sign Aquarius, a cosmic shift in our perspective towards relationships, finance and aesthetics takes place. This unique planetary alignment fosters a collective pull towards eccentricity, fostering that unconventional vibe in our interactions and engagements. It tends to inspire an inclination towards intellectual attraction over purely physical allure. This unconventional approach reflects on affection which becomes more altruistic and worldly – less about personal gain or romantic obsessions but more about friendships, common causes and shared visions.

This celestial transition also encourages us to question societal norms or overthrow established traditions that seem stifling or irrelevant. Venus in Aquarius sparks a greater interest in humanitarian issues and a desire for social justice. In terms of finances, this period may incite unique moneymaking strategies or unconventional approaches to wealth accumulation. The emphasis is on freedom of expression and independence - whether it's in love or financial matters - that allows us to chart our own course without feeling constrained by conventional norms.

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