Jupiter Direct in Pisces

On November 23, 2022 Jupiter will turn direct in the sign of Pisces, ending its retrograde movement. When this occurs, intuition and inspiration are likely to be heightened - allowing us to access deeper levels of understanding and connection with our intuition. This can help us make decisions more easily, as well as open up possibilities for creative expression. It is an auspicious time to focus on developing intuition and deepening our spiritual connection. With the right focus, this could be a time of great personal growth, bringing us insight and clarity into our lives.

By unlocking the gifts Jupiter in Pisces has to offer we can benefit greatly from its energy. We may find ourselves more inspired and creative; able to tap into greater depths of intuition and wisdom that can bring healing to both ourselves and others. It is important to stay mindful of our intentions so that we can make use of this transit's potential for growth, intuition, and inspiration in a positive way. Taking some quiet time during this period could prove invaluable as it gives us an opportunity to tune inwards and explore what lies beneath the surface.

Overall, Jupiter in Pisces can be a beneficial time that brings intuition and inspiration. It is an opportune period for personal growth and spiritual development, so it’s important to make the most of this transit by taking the time to explore our intuition and wisdom within. By doing so, we can reap its many benefits.

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