Rising Signs

Many people study astrology to learn more about themselves and others. It is quite interesting to learn about one's rising sign in their chart. The rising sign can tell us many things, but most importantly, it tells us about the persona that we present to the outside world. This more than any other part of our sun sign astrology chart is how the world first sees us.

If you were to ask people in a poll, they would most likely describe you or your loved ones using characteristics from your rising sign when they first met you. Those that know a little about astrology may automatically assume that they can "tell" your astrology sign from your persona. But those who truly know astrology know to look deeper. They know that they have merely met your face to the outside world and not the true "you" deep inside.

It can be quite interesting when people have rising signs and sun signs that are not traditionally harmonious. This does not mean that your personality does not somehow get along. Typically what this means is that when people first meet you, they develop one opinion of you and as they get to know you they develop another, more true opinion of exactly who you are.

When rising signs and sun signs are more complementary, they can mesh together and there can be much less difference between the two. An example of a great difference could be someone with a rising sign in Leo and a sun sign in Pisces. A rising sign in Leo would make them bold, confident and someone who sought out the spotlight. Their outside persona would certainly be likable and quite the confident type of person everyone wants to meet. The Pisces sun sign goes a bit deeper in their chart. As a Pisces sun sign, this person is sensitive, psychic and creative. Sometimes this person may have a tendency to isolate themselves. Listening to these descriptions, these certainly sound like two different people! So getting to know someone that came on like gangbusters but was a very deep soul and kind of an intense person that kept to themselves -- this would be someone where the rising sign and sun sign showed you two different people at first.

Many people also show some physical characteristics of their rising sign. Each astrological sign is known for some physical attributes. We all look so different that it is easy to see that these physical attributes manifest differently in everyone. A Cancer is known for having beautiful hands and a lovely complexion. If you have this sign as your sun sign or your rising sign, you might have one or even both of these characteristics. The Libras are known for being beautiful -- even if they are not conventionally beautiful when you look at them. Libra is a sign of great charm, so it would make sense that the Libra would give anyone beauty physically and as a personality characteristic. Your physical appearance often has a variety of traits from both your rising and sun signs.

Aries Rising: Confident and at times a bit aggressive. Likes sporting events and other competitions. Loves the colors red and orange. Typically quite popular and social and the very center of the social group. Physically the Aries is often medium height or even stocky and has quite an athletic build. They are much more graceful than they look.

Taurus Rising: Known for loving beauty and being a collector of lovely things. Even if a Taurus has a modest income, they have a beautiful home and a gorgeous wardrobe. The Taurus has a very sensuous personality, loving to experience each of the senses. They are an excellent dancer and also a gourmet cook. Physically the Taurus tends to be petite and have delicate bone structure. They have excellent skin and great flexibility.

Gemini Rising: You can always tell a Gemini because they can have a sparkling conversation with a parking meter! Witty, charming and forever the social butterfly. The Gemini is the natural public relations pro or even the politician. They know everyone and also know how to connect them to their needs. People draw to Geminis like the moths to flames. But Geminis are not great at intimacy, they don't like it when people get too close! A Gemini will dress in the latest fashions not simply because they love to be in style, but especially to have something to talk about at the water cooler or the cocktail party. Physically Geminis are tall and slender. They tend to be slightly pale and have a lot of nervous energy.

Cancer Rising: They say that the Cancers are "the mothers of the zodiac" and this is not quite true. Oh, Cancer is a very nurturing sign. But they don't want to nurture everyone. They do however want to improve everyone! You can count on your fellow Cancer family members, friends and coworkers to nag you gently (and sometimes not so gently) to quit smoking, go on that diet, find a better job or to finally get married. Its not that they don't think you're perfect -- you are! They just want to see you happy -- they way they think you should live your life. Cancers are kind of neat freaks and don't care so much about the finer things in life. They'd rather save their money for a rainy day. Physically Cancers are often medium height and curvy or muscular. They have lovely hands and beautiful skin.

Leo Rising: The Leo is the star of the zodiac. These folks love to draw attention to themselves. They are the top salesperson in the office, the best house on the block, the best pie at the state fair and the girl with the cutest dimples at school. They'll be glad to "top" you at just about anything -- and often they do. But you simply have to love these Leos, even as they show off their fabulous selves. They have deeply generous hearts and would give you the silk shirt off their backs if you needed it. They write big fat checks to charity, even if they do brag about it a little too much. Physically Leos are a little shorter than they'd like but they always seem to have a gorgeous mane of hair. For some reason it is most often red.

Virgo Rising: You know you have a Virgo in your life because they are always dependable and they are the person that walks into your life first when the crisis hits. You'll often find Virgos in the first-responder type of jobs: police, fire, emergency services positions. You'd think Aries or Leo would beat them out for it. But Virgos are all about service. Many Virgos become teachers too. Caring for other people is important to them in ways that other signs don't completely understand: it is a true mission. Virgos are also known for keeping things organized and spotless. You can actually eat off of a floor a Virgo has cleaned. But don't: they'd probably strangle you for getting it dirty again. They are a bit fussy at times. Then again, they are busy saving the world so you have to forgive them. Physically Virgos are tall and thin with bright cheeks and dark hair.

Libra Rising: It almost isn't fair, but every Libra is beautiful. Even the ones that don't look classically beautiful. They have wonderful skin and charming dimples. Libras have loads of charm and they totally know how to use that to their best advantage. Each one of them channels some sort of inner southern belle most of the time. They bat their eyes and get the best tables and parking tickets just go away. Physically Libras are very good looking and are known for having great skin.

Scorpio Rising: Scorpio is a sign that is admired for its intensity. If you love passion, you'll love Scorpio. Some people are afraid of Scorpios because they have heard of them having truly horrid tempers. This isn't quite the whole story. What Scorpios really have is passion. If you get a Scorpio angry: you are going to be on the business end of a whole lot of angry passion. The wise ones only get mad when those that are vulnerable get hurt. Those still learning wind up taking anger management courses. Scorpios are very creative when they channel their passions properly. Physically they are most often average build but very muscular. They are quick and light on their feet.

Sagittarius Rising: The Sagittarius is most known for their light-hearted and friendly way. You can always tell that there is a Sag in the room because of their great sense of humor, they can make anyone laugh! Somehow, the Sagittarius always seems taller and larger than they are. They have great natural charisma. They are the type of people that are great with a crowd of people and know how to encourage people to get along. Physically the Sagittarius is most known for having a tremendous amount of energy and for having great teeth. But they can be just about any height or any type of other physical characteristics. You'll know that Sag because of their great energy level!

Capricorn Rising: Some people are a little afraid of the Capricorns. They have a great reputation for being so very serious. But when you get to know the Capricorn, you realize this is not quite the case. What they are truly known for is being very responsible. Your Capricorn can be recognized for their maturity and wisdom that is far beyond their years. The teenagers never seem to miss curfew and the children always brush and floss their teeth. Don't think your Capricorn doesn't know how to have fun: they do. They are just much more rational about their fun than most of us! Physically the Capricorn is known for having lovely bone structure. They simply look stunning, even the ones that aren't classically beautiful. There are many unique looking Capricorns out there that look just amazing.

Aquarius Rising: These are unique folks, that is for sure. Aquarians simply think a little differently than most of us do. That's why many of them are scientists, artists or engineers. They are creative, in ways that shape our world today and for tomorrow to come. The smart ones realize early that they walk to the beat of a different drum and they hum along to that tune. The ones that have a tougher time are those that try to conform to the song everyone else happens to be listening to. Aquarians do better when they let their freak flag fly. Physically Aquarians often have tall, thin and wiry physiques. They have lots of energy and often have sensitive systems that require very specific diets. You'll know the Aquarian in the restaurant ordering his hamburger medium well done with a well grain bun. They always have great passion in their eyes and are often musical.

Pisces Rising: The Pisces is a sensitive soul. Quite often, a Pisces has a lot of psychic ability, which if they learn how to manage it well can help humanity as well as themselves. Sometimes Pisces are known for trying to get people to feel sorry for them so they'll do their errands or maybe lend them something till payday. But for the most part Pisces folks use their sensitivity to care for others -- and they do care about everyone, from society to different causes and even the pet rock. Pisces people often have many pets and plants that they happily talk to all day long -- and why not? They are after all talking right back to them! Physically Pisces people are often muscular and slightly curvy. All Pisces people have beautiful eyes, most often deep set and looking slightly watery.

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