Libra Career

August 19 - August 25, 2019

Libra Horoscope
The Moon might leave your work sector just as you move into the new week but this is an advantage you will retain all week. This is more that the tail end of a visit over the weekend will graze the early hours of the week, allowing you to begin the week with an intuitive read on work and job matters and the timing couldn't be better. A week after Mercury left your career sector, the North Node is now in charge of keeping things moving in an empowered sense of professional direction. What made the timing of the Moon's return to your work sector last week so auspicious, is that it came just as the North Node was moving into an alignment with Neptune in your work sector, which is just coming to an end as the Moon leaves. This is only the second time in our lifetime that the North Node and Neptune have come together here, so to have the Moon move through, giving you a window into a regrouping of the major forces in play on the job and career fronts is serendipitous.

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 About Libra

Librans are good at relationships. Ruled by Venus, they are charming, thoughtful and diplomatic, always remembering to pay compliments, buy anniversary presents and open the car door. Easy going Librans like everything to run smoothly, and hate discord. They will go to any lengths to avoid an argument. They feel like only half a person without a partner, so they don't shy from commitment. In fact, a happy marriage or partnership is high on their list of must haves.

The trouble is, Librans never know when to turn off the charm, and can arouse jealousy by continuing to spread the love even when they've been snared. Make sure your ease with relationships doesn't get you into big trouble, because nothing is more ugly than two Scorpios fighting over the same Libran.

Libra Celebrities
Will Smith, Barbara Walters, Naomi Watts, Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Susan Sarandon, Matt Damon, Simon Cowell, Usher, Tim Robbins, Hugh Jackman
Zodiac Symbol
The Scales
September 23 - October 23
Zodiac Element
Zodiac Quality
Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

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