Aries Money

April 22 - April 28, 2019

Aries Horoscope
The Sun's return to your income sector over the weekend is a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Ordinary because this Sun returns at this time every year, turning the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options for the next month. Yet extraordinary because of what the solar spotlight is actually exposing, which is the huge progress already made and the built in support from the get go. In most years the Sun's return is the first time there is any focus on income matters so far that year. Instead, the Sun returned just three weeks after Mars left and after he had spent nearly seven weeks forging trails, pushing through barriers and putting serious cracks in any glass ceilings. Especially those in your own mind. Yet the Sun has also returned to find Uranus here and the laws of synchronicity in effect.

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 About Aries

Aries is good at fighting the good fight. Headstrong and impetuous, you rush in where angels dare not tread. Ruled by the planet Mars, you love to get in first anyway, and winning is important. The good Aries never backs down from a challenge. If anyone weaker needs to be protected, or an ideal needs to be defended, you are right there at the head of the column, and will fight to the end to see that Right prevails.

The trouble is that Aries doesn't always know what is right - bigger, noisier and better armed is not necessarily better. Winning is great, but not at the expense of honor. Make sure the cause is worth your zeal because things get downright ugly when you go to the dark side and start to fight just for the sake of it.

Aries Celebrities
Matthew Broderick, Kate Hudson, Steven Tyler, Reese Witherspoon, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Murphy, Emma Thompson, David Letterman, Russell Crowe
Zodiac Symbol
The Ram
March 21 - April 19
Zodiac Element
Zodiac Quality
Sagittarius, Leo

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