Aries Monthly

September, 2020

Aries Horoscope
At the end of June, your ruling planet, Mars, entered your sign. This has offered the benefits of enhanced energy, motivation, and drive, not to mention a boosted libido. From September 9 until November 13, Mars takes a break and moves backward. You might feel like a marathon runner, forced to come to a standstill. Progress might feel as if you walk through waist-high, wet concrete. But, until November, you have a chance to assess what or possibly who is worthy of your continued efforts. Try to connect with what's helpful about this need to pause and reflect.

Love & Romance
To have passionate and libido-enhancing Mars in your sign since the end of June will have undoubtedly boosted your mojo and 'joie de vivre.' But from the 9th until November 13, Mars goes retrograde. Every Ram will have their own story to tell about whether this results in decreased passion or intimate enthusiasm. But that doesn't mean this month will be devoid of pleasurable experiences. It means you may need to dial back your Aries tendency to push developments or encounters that can manifest on their own if you give them time and space to do so!

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