Pisces Monthly

October, 2020

Pisces Horoscope
The Full Moon on the 1st highlights a money matter or something connected with your earnings. A new chapter commences, and you may need to apply a lesson learned to help clarity replace uncertainty - or maybe resentment. It's also essential that your confidence doesn't dip due to a decision you perceive as a mistake. Trust that this is one in a series of steps intended to boost your confidence in your abilities or talents. For several reasons, you could feel reassured that you possess skills that can enhance your material or financial security. So, believe this – wholeheartedly!

Love & Romance
Venus casts a delightful, comforting influence with partnerships and commitments from the 2nd until the 27th. Whether you're single or attached, a harmonious vibe will exist within your closest relationships, or one in particular. From the 19th, you could be aware of how integral to achieving a cherished hope, wish, or dream a lover or potential sweetheart can be. If this surrounds a connection becoming less platonic, more formal, or deeply committed, then see what transpires!

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