Aquarius Monthly

October, 2021

Aquarius Horoscope
Even though you're probably the most technologically savvy Zodiac sign, I'm guessing you're not constructing a time machine in your garage or a spare bedroom. Anyway, why would you want to return to the past? In truth, it doesn't exist. We can't hold it in our hand and say 'there it is'. That's why it's important - and considerably more helpful - to look forward instead of backward so frequently this month!

Love & Romance
The social scene offers the best romantic possibilities this month. If you're single, Venus affects friendships and maybe one in particular. A platonic connection could become passionate. Don't rule out the possibility of a friend being a matchmaker, either. But if you're attached, not only will you and your partner likely enjoy meeting and mingling wherever possible, but one cherished, shared aspiration could receive a touch of Venus magic, too!

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