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2017 Overview

Sagittarius Horoscope
Since Saturn returned to Sagittarius in December 2014 you have been slowly taking your power back, which meant taking responsibility, taking ownership of your own life and facing consequences. It isn’t always easy having Saturn, hard taskmaster of the cosmos in your sign, but boy does this give you the power to move mountains if you have to. Due to leave on the 20th December and not return for another three decades, this is the year when you will get to enjoy the benefits of the past few years, with a chance to see where that sense of empowerment can take you and what you can do with it. This gives you the confidence to take on major new projects and challenges of your choosing, calling for some bold, but also some very personal resolutions from the get go. This is the thread that will run throughout the year and you can take with you into every aspect of your life. One thing that will be especially important in the first half of the year is matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. This is something you may have had some wakeup calls about in the closing weeks of 2016, waking you up to what is important. To begin with it may simply feel like the tide has turned, but from last January through to early June you’ll be ready to throw yourself into following your heart and the things you’re passionate about. This makes this a big year for matters of the heart, but also for following your personal pursuits or hobbies, the things in life that are fun. When it comes to working yourself into the ground, you have been there and done that and are likely to have lost your taste for that. Just as well, because you have more than enough momentum. There are more than enough job opportunities, especially between March and July and plenty of career opportunities developing in the second half of the year, but not in the all or nothing way that they have been in the past. If 2015 and 2016 were mainly driven by your professional life and your personal life got what was left over, that does a complete flip this year. The first four months of 2017 are also especially good for home, family and/or property matters, with a chance to not only take care of any housekeeping, but to explore new projects or the things that excite you. This should see you finally achieve the work/life balance you’ve strived for in the past and the balance between work and play you didn’t even know you were after.


While you will have to wait until the 1st December for Venus, planet of love to return to Sagittarius, her influence has helped shape the year before it even began and she will be hard at work long before then. Moving through Sagittarius from the 1st December to the 25th December, this will be more a chance to sum up what is likely to be an extraordinary year, with 2017 one of your best years for love and romance for a very long time. To start with you might need some convincing that this is the case, as you may have experienced some roadblocks or just a crisis of confidence in the later weeks of 2016. Yet from the get go it is likely to feel like something has shifted, with the love gods having given you a chance to lay old ghosts to rest. It was only in the final 48 hours of 2016 that you finally had a chance to turn your back on the past and look to the future. While there will be a new sense of romantic confidence and anticipation from the get go, the first evidence will come in the later days of January. It starts with Mars’ return to your romantic sector on the 28th January, but really gets exciting when Venus, planet of love returns on the 3rd February. While Mars will spend until the 10th March fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit and then moving on, it is Venus who is up to something special. The 24 days that Venus will normally spend in your romantic sector each year will be the most romantically charged in any year, except this year she’ll spend over three months. Venus will initially move through from the 3rd February to the 3rd April, but having already spent two months here, will retrograde back into your romantic sector for a double dip visit from the 28th April to the 6th June. Venus will spend half of her first visit in direct and half in retrograde motion, with the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential from the 4th March to the 3rd April. From Mars’ return to your romantic sector on the 28th January to Venus’ departure on the 6th June, they and the support crew there at the time, will make these some of the most romantically charged months in decades. Meanwhile, while your relationships will share the same attention, starting with Mars’ return on the 21st April and ending with Venus’ departure on the 31st July, she won’t return until the 5th July. Together Venus and Mars are having a huge impact on both matters of the heart and your relationships in the first seven months of the year. By the time Venus returns to Sagittarius on the 1st December, you’ll have a lot to reflect on.


That the focus is on income matters in the early part of each year is a given, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of January in your income sector each year. The fact that this isn’t as intense as it normally is, is more that most things are already in the bag. Both Venus and Mars moved through your income sector in the closing months of 2016 and with a clear sense of what you’re fighting for and most glass ceilings already smashed, especially those in your own mind, the early weeks of 2017 will be more about tying up loose ends. The Sun will stay on until the 20th January, keeping the solar spotlight on your income situation, matters and options, before returning again on the 21st December to do it all over again. Mercury will start the year in your income sector, giving you the smart head for money needed to have your head in the game from the get go, but will take a break from the 5th January to the 13th January. This will give you a chance to let things settle and play out, before returning from the 13th January to the 7th February. This is when you’ll have a chance to finalise your game plan for the coming year and put together the choices, decisions and plans that will keep income matters on track. For the most part it will be more about keeping the wheels turning. Fortunately for you, you have Pluto in your income sector from 2008 to 2026, so things will never completely go off the boil. This also means that there won’t be a moment throughout the year, where there isn’t something developing behind the scenes on the income front. It is later in the year that this turns into something utterly game changing, thanks to Saturn’s return on the 20th December, just two days before the Sun’s return. This will be Saturn’s first visit in three decades and not due to leave until December 2020, these will be some of the most powerful earnings and income years ever. For while Saturn will spend three years out of every three decades here, this is the first time he will meet up with Pluto, planet of change and revolution here in your lifetime. This brings the potential for some major and game changing developments on the income front over the next three years, though its influence will only be felt in the final 11 days of the 2017. Compared to what is developing on the income front this year, the focus on your financial situation and money matters as well is minimal and runs the risk of being overlooked. A parade of planets will move through your financial sector from 4th June to the 26th August, making these the most important months of 2017 for getting on top of your financial situation and money matters. With Pluto in retrograde motion from the 21st April to the 29th September, this is when income matters will take a backseat anyway, allowing you to give money matters as a whole some much needed attention.

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 About Sagittarius

Sagittarius is good at having fun. Ruled by jovial Jupiter, these sunny, cheerful, adventurous folk have one motto - don't worry, be happy. From climbing mountains to seeking the perfect wave, Sags love adventure and can't wait to go out and find it. Sags have lots of friends, because they are so much fun. They have a great sense of humor and will party without any excuse at all. Sags can be quite philosophical about life, and never stop learning, usually by traveling and experiencing different cultures for themselves.

The trouble is they get so enthused every time something new comes along that they quickly move on and forget the old. Make sure you don't diss people who love you and have walked the wire for you, because things get downright ugly when Sags tumble from those high places and need their friends again.

Sagittarius Celebrities
Scarlett Johannson, Tina Turner, Ben Stiller, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Sinead O'Connor, Judi Dench, Adam Brody, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Steven Spielberg
Zodiac Symbol
The Archer
November 22 - December 21
Zodiac Element
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Aries, Leo

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