Goat Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Goat Chinese Zodiac
The final seven days of any lunar month are always important for embracing and capitalising on its influence, knowing that it will be another 12 months before it comes around again. That is especially so when it is the month of the Rooster, which for the Goat is the Swizz army knife of any lunar year, with a tool for every occasion. The Rooster makes you smarter and more articulate, making it easier to think on your feet while finding the right words at the right time, something that will benefit every aspect of your life. A Rooster Moon from Friday will help you get the most of out of these final days and especially over the weekend.

Year of the Tiger
Feb 1, 2022 - Jan 21, 2023
The New Moon on 1st February brings us to the Chinese New Year, which will always begin on the month of the Tiger. However, for the first time in 12 years, this also ushers in the Year of the Tiger, putting the focus on your financial situation and money matters but also personal change and transformation through to 23rd January 2023. The month of the Tiger itself will end on 2nd March but this will get this off to a good start. This makes this a good year for financial growth but also for personal transformation and this comes from two different factors that together, make this a year where there can be a major reset. The first is that the Tiger itself and its position in your personal lunar cycle puts the focus on money and transformation.

The second factor is the Tiger’s personality. For everyone and not just those born in the Year of the Goat, this is a year for change, freedom and liberation. The Tiger doesn’t like to sit still and while for the Goat the Ox and its slow and pedantic ways may have created a sense of security, this will have the doubling effect of being a year of change and transformation while seeking a sense of freedom or liberation. Combined, this could see you start liberating or setting yourself free from debt or changing the way you manage money in order to give you more financial freedom. However, it was never about the money, which is simply a means to an end.

All choices, whether financial or otherwise, come from pre programmed responses or habits that control most of our decision making. Money is just one of the most obvious expressions of this but we can find it in our health, relationships, a tendency to overwork or a lack of motivation. It all stems from habits or subconscious programs that we are not aware of and that is what the Tiger will be focused on rewiring. Whether it is a change to the way you manage your money, your health or just life in general, a year for change and transformation is less about external changes and more about changing that internal hardwiring. While the month of the Tiger will give this a head start this is a journey that will continue through to January 2023.

About the Goat
Goats are sensitive, kind and loving creatures. They are also creative, artistic and sometimes eccentric. The Goat is the zodiacal archetype of genuine goodness and consideration. Goats are lucky about being in "the right place at the right time."

Goats definitely don't like to stand out in a crowd and will always hide in the wings, but they are elegant creatures and can be very creative. In general, they are serene, home-loving and nurturing.

They have a need to be loved and are at times, emotionally gloomy. Goats do not take criticisms well due to their sensitivity. They are extremely passive and will only fight under extreme provocation.

Their gentility and generosity with sympathy often leads them to be exploited by others. Goats are at best paired in business with a partner who is more aggressive than themselves, such as the Horse. In romantic relationships, they fare well with partners who have complimentary qualities that balance their trusting and gentle nature, as oppose to those who resemble them.

Compatible: Rabbits & Pigs
Incompatible: Oxen
Satisfactory: Horses
Difficult: Snakes & Rabbits

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