Ox Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Ox Chinese Zodiac
In the closing days of any lunar month, there is a call to hold onto and embrace its influence. Even more so when it is the adventurous month of the Rooster that is coming to a close and that by next Monday, a New Moon will be ushering in the competitive and professionally charged month of the Dog. Both the month of the Rooster and the Rooster Moon that will begin on Friday and run through the weekend are focused more on fuelling a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure. However, this does make it important to embrace the weekend spirit. The Ox and the Rooster are best of friends and through the month of the Rooster, he is encouraging you to spread your wings.

Year of the Tiger
Feb 1, 2022 - Jan 21, 2023
For the Ox, the New Moon on 1st February doesn’t just bring you to the Chinese New Year and with it the start of a new lunar year but is the point when you finally get to graduate. In one fell swoop, this will bring both the month and the Year of the Ox to a close, with the foundation weeks to a new personal 12 month lunar cycle and the first year of a new 12 year cycle both ending at the same time. Meanwhile, the New Moon on 1st February that brings us to the Chinese New Year is not just the start of the lucrative month of the Tiger but the Year of the Tiger as well. In the same way that every lunar year ends on the month of the Ox, it always begins on the month of the Tiger but it is only once every 12 years that this coincides with the end of the Year of the Ox and the start of the Year of the Tiger, bringing you to one of life’s major turning points.

While both the month and the Year of the Tiger can have a lucrative influence and this is especially so on the income front, it stems from a belief in yourself and in what you deserve that will have an impact on all the currencies in your life. As you can’t attract what you don’t believe you deserve, the more you can believe in yourself the more you will attract. This means that there are two things going on this year, one more obvious and the other more subtle but with a major impact on the first. The more obvious is that this could be a lucrative year, with the potential to grow your income, to have more money coming in but also to experience more of life’s luxuries. This isn’t about the things you need but the things you want and more importantly feel that you deserve and not just when it comes to the money.

Yet behind this, the Tiger’s real impact is on your confidence, your belief in yourself but more importantly a chance to reassess your value system. This means that some of your priorities could shift, with the things you thought mattered no longer a priority while others may become a priority that weren’t in the past. This is especially so if the Tiger wakes you up to what you have been missing out on. As your priorities become more defined and as your confidence grows you will start to expect more and that includes across all the currencies in your life, from what you get paid for the work you perform to what you are getting from your relationships and everything in between.

About the Ox
You are likely to be tolerant, dependable, scrupulous and hard-working. You will be happiest in your own home and have a real love of gardening and outdoor activities.

The patience of the Ox is proverbial. Calm and dependable, they like to take things slow and steady, including romantic relationships. Oxen are not likely to flaunt open declarations of love, for their passions are not easily roused. Love grows over long periods of time, but once cultivated, is not likely to diminish.

They have a strong sense of traditionalism and can be at times, extremely conservative. They are generally dogmatic and tend to resist change. They prefer to do things how they have always done it, although an Ox is industrious and always finishes a task that has been started. They are especially tireless if it helps they loved ones.

Despite they stubbornness and occasional dictatorial behavior, Oxen are generally honest and loyal creatures.

Compatible: Snakes & Roosters
Incompatible: Goats
Strained: Dogs & Tigers

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