Ox Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Ox Chinese Zodiac
The social and serendipitous month of the Pig is now in its last full week and while this is still likely to be an active week socially, you will be feeling a need to wind this down. By the time you reach the weekend, the nostalgic and reflective month of the Rat will be just a few weeks away and this is often the point in any lunar year where you begin yearning for a chance to put out the 'do not disturb' sign. However, this is also the point when, because you know that this social and serendipitous month is about to end, that you feel the pressure to meet up with as many people as you can. This year you have the best of both worlds and in that while the month of the Rat will offer some reprieve next week, with the Year of the Pig running for another two months there is no urgency.

2019 - Year of the Pig
For the Ox, the Year of the Pig is something that might take some adjustment, especially as the Pig tries to make life easy, social and serendipitous. Each lunar year always ends on the month of the Ox and as the Year of the Dog was also drawing to a close, this fostered a strong sense of both personal and professional responsibility.

For anyone else this can be a burden, but this is what the Ox thrives on. This has been a chance to recharge your competitive spirit, and a chance to draw on your natural drive, determination and your ability to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. Then the Pig comes along and asks you to relax and then instead of shouldering all that responsibility on your own, attracts support and draws people to help out. Before you know it you’re a team player, with many hands making light work. At the same time, the Pig encourages your social life, reminding you that life can’t be all work and no play.

For anyone born in any other year this is party time, with the Year of the Pig an auspicious year for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building. You will eventually relax into this and in both your personal and professional life you will soon realize that you have reached one of the best years in this current 12 year lunar cycle.

Groups, teamwork, collaboration and togetherness will all flourish this year and over time you will begin to trust that you don’t have to be in control all the time. This is also a year that comes with fewer responsibilities in terms of where you stand in this current 12 year cycle. When the Year of the Rat begins next January it will be time to bring things home and start preparing for the Year of the Ox, which begins in 2021. You are also far enough away from the start or the middle years of this cycle, which can also bring responsibility.

For the Ox, the Year of the Pig is not only an important year for friendship, teamwork and for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building in general, but this can also be a fun and easy year.

About the Ox
You are likely to be tolerant, dependable, scrupulous and hard-working. You will be happiest in your own home and have a real love of gardening and outdoor activities.

The patience of the Ox is proverbial. Calm and dependable, they like to take things slow and steady, including romantic relationships. Oxen are not likely to flaunt open declarations of love, for their passions are not easily roused. Love grows over long periods of time, but once cultivated, is not likely to diminish.

They have a strong sense of traditionalism and can be at times, extremely conservative. They are generally dogmatic and tend to resist change. They prefer to do things how they have always done it, although an Ox is industrious and always finishes a task that has been started. They are especially tireless if it helps they loved ones.

Despite they stubbornness and occasional dictatorial behavior, Oxen are generally honest and loyal creatures.

Compatible: Snakes & Roosters
Incompatible: Goats
Strained: Dogs & Tigers

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