Snake Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Snake Chinese Zodiac
As you move into the most powerful week of this current lunar cycle and of the month of the Goat, the lead up to the weekend's Full Moon is a chance to explore the full benefits of this exciting month. For the Snake, what makes the month of the Goat different from any other month is the broad implications. For the Snake, the Goat is the Swizz army knife of any lunar cycle, with a tool for every occasion, with every aspect of your life benefiting from its mental focus, ability to think on your feet and keep the communication lines open. Your relationships can take advantage of this during a Pig Moon from Monday to Wednesday, while during a Dog Moon from Wednesday to Friday, this can give you a smart head for money.

Year of the Dragon
Feb 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025
The Chinese New Year will always usher in a new lunar year and with it a shift in focus, but for you, this also brings you to an important point in your current personal 12-year lunar cycle. While the Dragon is a bold, daring, and confident year, for you a lot of its focus will be felt internally, taking your attention inward in a way that is likely to inspire your imagination, but in a way that is also likely to evoke a sense of nostalgia. By moving into the Year of the Dragon on 10th February, you are also moving into the final year of your current personal 12-year lunar cycle. This is when the journey towards closing old doors, reflecting on the journey that the last 11 years have taken you on, and on completing the intentions made during the last Year of the Snake begins.

Yet while this is a year for closing old doors it is also a year for preparing for the new doors that will open when the next Year of the Snake begins on 29th January 2025. For you, the Year of the Dragon will always be a transition year, with one cycle coming to an end but with a new cycle being born, even if only in your own mind. This is the Year of the Wood Dragon, a Dragon year that is likely to evoke a greater sense of curiosity, with a chance to let your mind, imagination, thoughts, and ideas take you on all sorts of journeys. These are likely to be journeys taken in the mind, but they are helping to pave the way and plant seeds for the future.

While the Dragon will influence the year itself, life will continue to go on and the monthly cycles will add variety and add a different focus to different times of the year. Apart from a chance for a personal check in and to begin a new personal 12-month lunar cycle during the month of the Snake from 8th May to 7th June, some of the best months of the year for you will be during the month of the Rooster, from 3rd September to 1st September and the month of the Ox, from 31st December 2024 to 29th January 2025. The Ox, Snake and Rooster are all part of the same triad of affinity, making these months when life is likely to flow more smoothly.

About the Snake
The Snake is sophisticated, charming and graceful. They have an uncanny innate wisdom that makes them inscrutable. They are usually concerned with their appearance. Snakes are mysterious and are often drawn to secrecy, the occult and the mystics.

They can be graceful and very beautiful but need to guard against vanity and materialism. With a very intense nature, they can also be quick to take offense and lash out. But this can be tempered with the wisdom and intelligence they can find within.

Although they have the ability to attract money, a Snake is not likely to make their gain in gambling or risky undertakings. Although sometimes stingy, they love the luxuries in life and take great pleasure in good food and elegant living. A snake would rather go without than have second best.

Snakes can be extreme creatures where no middle grounds exist. They are either highly successful or fail miserably. It is either the top or the bottom. The same goes for romantic relationships, if they can't have the "cream of the crop", they would rather remain alone. Snakes are sexually passionate and can be seemingly promiscuous, but that is merely due the secretive quality of their nature.

Compatible: Roosters & Oxen
Incompatible: Tigers, Horses, Monkeys & Pigs

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