Snake Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Snake Chinese Zodiac
The first full week of the month of the Rat brings a chance to get your head in the game financially, just as we move into what is often the most expensive point in any year. For the Snake, the month of the Rabbit not only puts the focus on your financial situation and money matters, but the canny Rat gives you a financially savvy edge that allows you to take your financial power back. Yet at the same time that the focus has shifted more to money matters, when the month of the Pig came to an end last Friday, this left you with some valuable insight into your relationships. With the Year of the Pig starting in February, your relationships are set to become even more important in 2019. This makes it important to hold onto a sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, that the Pig left you with.

2018 - Year of the Dog
You have reached what is likely to be a busy year, but one that gets off to a good start and has the potential to be a lucrative year. For the Snake, the Year of the Dog is a busy year, with the focus on your work situation and job matters. Pardon the pun, but this is a year when you a likely to be working like a Dog.

The Dog is loyal and once it starts something it sticks to it. While there could be some changes on the job or professional fronts at the start of the year, once you have found what it is you’re committed to, staying on track won’t be a problem. All 12 of the Chinese Signs belong to what is known as the ‘triangle of affinity’ and the Dog belongs to a triangle of affinity that includes the Dog, Tiger and Horse. This means that there will be a lot of support for work and job matters. Every new Chinese Year starts with the month of the Tiger, so things get off to a good start from the get go. For the Snake, while the Year of the Dog is all about work and job matters, the month of the Tiger is an important month for career and professional matters as a whole. As the New Moon, that kicks off both the Year of the Dog and the month of the Tiger, is a solar eclipse, this could trigger some unexpected developments on the job and career fronts in the first half of this new lunar year.

Another good month will be the month of the Horse, a potentially lucrative income month that will run from the 14th June to the 13th July and of course the month of the Dog, which runs from the 9th October to the 8th November. This should also be a good year for relationship building, ahead of the Year of the Pig, which starts next February. For the Snake, the Year of the Pig is a big relationship year, so there will always be a chance to prepare for that in the preceding year. This is also an important year for adventure, travel, learning and discovery.

About the Snake
The Snake is sophisticated, charming and graceful. They have an uncanny innate wisdom that makes them inscrutable. They are usually concerned with their appearance. Snakes are mysterious and are often drawn to secrecy, the occult and the mystics.

They can be graceful and very beautiful but need to guard against vanity and materialism. With a very intense nature, they can also be quick to take offense and lash out. But this can be tempered with the wisdom and intelligence they can find within.

Although they have the ability to attract money, a Snake is not likely to make their gain in gambling or risky undertakings. Although sometimes stingy, they love the luxuries in life and take great pleasure in good food and elegant living. A snake would rather go without than have second best.

Snakes can be extreme creatures where no middle grounds exist. They are either highly successful or fail miserably. It is either the top or the bottom. The same goes for romantic relationships, if they can't have the "cream of the crop", they would rather remain alone. Snakes are sexually passionate and can be seemingly promiscuous, but that is merely due the secretive quality of their nature.

Compatible: Roosters & Oxen
Incompatible: Tigers, Horses, Monkeys & Pigs

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