Monkey Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Monkey Chinese Zodiac
There is an exciting new energy in play this week and you can thank your friend the Rat for that. The Monkey and the Rat are the best of friends, but this is just one reason why the month of the Rat is one of the best months of any lunar year for you. For the Monkey, the month of the Rat is the more fun, playful, romantic and creative month of any lunar year, with the focus on matters of the heart and playfulness in general. With the month of the Rat not ending until a solar eclipse in the New Year, this playful influence will remain in effect for the rest of this year. More importantly, the month of the Rat will continue through the Christmas, New Year and the holiday period, bringing a sense that this has come early. As the month of the Rat only began on last Friday's New Moon, this is something you are still adjusting to.

2018 - Year of the Dog
This new lunar year gets off to a good start and in fact, one of the best starts you’re going to get or could expect. For the Monkey, the start of each new lunar year can be challenging, because no matter what lunar year we are moving into, it always begins with the month of the Tiger. The Money and the Tiger are opposing Signs, so this can be a challenging month for you and no matter how good or complimentary the year you’re moving into is, this challenging start makes it hard to find your feet.

Apart from your opposing Sign, the month of the Tiger puts the focus on your relationships and this is why this year gets off to such a good start. The Year of the Dog only comes around once a year, but the Dog is not only the Tiger’s best friend, but his focus is on communication. Before the Tiger can shake things up, the Dog is there giving both you and your relationships a voice. The month of the Tiger will end on the 18th March, but the benefits will continue throughout the year. For you, the Year of the Dog is an intellectually savvy year, where you’re likely to be quicker on your feet and a lot more articulate.

You’ll be on top mental form, with a sharp clear mind throughout the year. This will have an advantage across almost every aspect of your life and especially during the first month of this new lunar year, when the focus is on your relationships. Yet in what is likely to be a busy year on the job front and a year that has the potential for unexpected professional developments, this will help you work smarter and also communicate and share your ideas. When the Monkey and Dog come together this gives you a creative and intellectually savvy edge, something that will be an advantage both personally and professionally.

About the Monkey
Fun, confident, energetic and a free-spirit, the Monkey is well-liked by friends and family. Being cunning and quick-witted, they are highly-capable of formulating original thoughts and ideas. They are fast learners and adapt well to various situations.

Monkeys are generally unconventional and often ignore rules. They can be devious and will sometimes bend the truth to get what they want or to help a friend, albeit within reasonable limits. Monkeys are clever and confident tricksters.

Monkeys are very intelligent and find it easy to influence others. Despite this, you will sometimes get confused and discouraged. But, conversely, you will always be enthusiastic and really go for whatever you want to achieve.

A Monkey often finds it difficult to commit to one person for they are popular with everyone. As vivacious as they are, they are challenged when it comes to displaying charm and affection towards their potential partner. However, once the relationship is established, Monkeys make wonderful partners.

Compatible: Rats & Monkeys
Incompatible: Tigers
Strained: Snakes

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