Rat Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Rat Chinese Zodiac
The professionally charged and competitive month of the Rooster has lost some of its intensity thanks to the weekend's Full Moon. Whether professionally or in anything that your competitive spirit draws you towards, in the waxing phase of the lunar month everything is growing, building and expanding and that can see the number of balls you are juggling increase. While a Full Moon can provide the push to get things over the line, with the Moon now in its waning phase it is less about getting more balls in the air and more about moving into the completion phase. With the month of the Rooster ending later next week, it is time to start completing projects or making the choices, decisions and plans that will set things in motion. This week is the perfect point in the month because there is no longer the intensity but there isn't yet an urgent call to wrap things up.

2019 - Year of the Pig
On 24th January 2020 the Year of the Rat will begin, bringing you to the start of a new 12 year lunar cycle. As the natural lunar cycle starts with the Rat and ends with the Pig, you are the only sign that has the same personal and natural lunar cycle. By that, I mean for all of us, the Year of the Pig is the final year of this natural lunar cycle, but for 11 out of 12 of us, we are at a very different point in our own lunar cycles.

Some might be at the start of a new personal lunar cycle, some might be halfway through and others at all different stages. Only those born during the Year of the Rat have their personal lunar cycles in sync with the natural lunar cycle. This makes the focus of any year doubly intense for you and this will be felt more strongly and this makes the Year of the Pig an important year.

Next January, you will move into the Year of the Rat and into a new 12 year cycle, while as you move into the Year of the Pig you move into the final year of a 12 year lunar cycle that began in February 2008, almost 11 years ago to the day. Now, as you move into the Year of the Pig you move into the final chapter, a year that is all about bringing this current cycle home.

This is a year for completion, finishing up projects or whatever you have been working on or towards over the last 11 years. It is also a year of preparation, recharging your batteries and clearing a space for a new 12 year lunar cycle, which begins next January.

The Year of the Dog, which ends on the Chinese New Year was a socially charged and busy year, with people to see and places to go. By the time the Year of the Pig rolls around, you are usually ready to put out the 'do not disturb' sign, taking time out to hear yourself think. However, for the social Rat, hiding away or spending the next 12 months navel gazing is not your cup of tea. However, what you will find is that if you don’t allow enough time for the Pig's mandate that you may find yourself getting tired and cranky at times.

You may find yourself saying at times throughout the year ‘I just need a bit of space’. That need for time to hear yourself think will be time spent with the Pig, as you wrap up one 12 year lunar cycle and prepare for the next.

About the Rat
Rats are always honest, and they are observant and curious. They are energetic, talkative and others can find them witty and charming. However ambition can make Rats ruthless and aggressive. They may find it hard to save, as they like to spend the money they earn and enjoy a good life.

The Rat is intelligent, charming, social and likeable. They are extremely good with money and are often thrifty. Although at times they can be economical to the extent of miserliness. Rats will spend lavishly under 3 circumstances: when they are in love, to further their long-term or career goals, and on collectibles if they are collectors. Rats are collectors by nature.

They are hard-working, innovative and full of ideas. Rats are almost always ambitious. Combined with the knowing of how to take advantage or make the best out of a situation, they are often successful at getting what they want out of life.

Rats are good at hiding their emotions, which often leads other to perceive their cool exteriors as those that are not easily roused. They sometimes have difficulties communicating their feelings. People born under this animal sign are frequently nocturnal.

Compatible: Dragons & Monkeys
Incompatible: Horses

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