Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac
Chances are, when the month of the Pig came to an end on last Friday's New Moon, it wasn't as dramatic turnaround as this often is. For the Rabbit, the month of the Pig is one of the best months of any lunar year. Not only are the Rabbit and Pig the best of friends, this is the most adventurous month of any lunar year for you. Yet with the Year of the Pig starting in February, opening the doors to an adventurous 12 month period, this is something you don't need to completely let go of. Or if you do, it is with the knowledge that you can pick up again the New Year. In the meantime, the more professionally focused and competitive month of the Rat has begun, with a chance to get serious about bringing this professional year home. This is quite a contrast from the adventurous month of the Pig, but this year it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

2018 - Year of the Dog
It will be with a sigh of relief that the Year of the Rooster comes to an end on the 17th February 2018, with any year that follows alright by you. The Rabbit and the Rooster are opposing Signs and this can create pressure. Often it is not until the Year of the Rooster ends and the pressure drops back that you can fully appreciate how much pressure you’ve been under.

What will drop off is any pressure on your relationships, for the Year of the Rooster can often put strains on your relationship. The Rabbit and the Rooster just don’t get along and while the Rabbit and Dog are not the best of friends, at least he doesn’t scare the bejeebers out of you. The Year of the Dog is the year that you didn’t know you needed until it comes along, for it has a habit of drawing you out of your burrow and out of your comfort zone. For the Rabbit, the Year of the Dog is a good year for money matters and may even be an expansive year with the opportunity for real financial growth. However, the Dog also encourages you to follow your passions and he gives you the courage and confidence to embrace change. This isn’t change for change sake and it’s not change forced on you, but support to make the changes you want to make in your life. This is change geared towards transformation.

You will also find that there is a lot of support this year. The Year of the Dog is always going to support everything you do, but you will find that this presents through people, friendships and team spirit around you. You will be asked to invest more and this is what will help you to come out of your own shell or your own ‘air raid bunker’. The more you can invest and show up as a friend, the more you’ll benefit from a sense of camaraderie. This is also a year for branching out and expanding the boundaries of your world. This includes adventure, travel, learning and discovery.

About the Rabbit
Rabbits are lucky people; the Chinese believe them the luckiest of all. They can be really creative within the confines of their conservative and considerate natures. Although they are articulate and often show great talent, they have to overcome their shyness. Peace-loving, sensitive and compassionate Rabbits are very affectionate.

Rabbits are sensitive, caring and gentle creatures. It is considered the luckiest sign in the zodiac, for Rabbits have good characters. They are likely to come out unscathed from situations that could devastate most of us. They are shy, sentimental and popular amongst friends.

The Rabbit is non-confrontational and prefers to negotiate and compromise with quiet intelligence. Although when forced to, they will fight with courage and fierceness, hence their passive disposition must not be mistaken for docility. At worst, Rabbits can be moody and has certain deviousness because of their wish to avoid confrontations at all cost.

They are pleasure-loving creatures. They love being at home and the idea of love and marriage. Rabbits will frequently engage in temporary relationships that provide physical passions, although they rarely engage in anything long-term unless there is a solid promise of comfort and ease.

Compatible: Goats & Pigs
Incompatible: Roosters
Strained: Tigers, Monkeys & Horses

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