Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac
By the time you move into the new week, you have had a chance to get a feel for the Snake's influence and especially over the weekend. As you move into the first full week of the month of the Snake, this will allow you to start on the right foot, but also with a sense of where this is already drawing your attention. Especially as there are so many ways that the Snake's influence can manifest and can be used to your advantage. For the Rabbit, the Snake is the Swizz army knife of any lunar cycle, with a tool for every occasion. There isn't an area of your life that doesn't benefit from the Snake's mental focus, how this makes it easier to keep your head in the game and to think on your feet or how this favours all aspects of communication.

Year of the Dragon
Feb 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025
When the Year of the Rabbit ends on 10th February, so too does the foundation year of a new personal 12-year lunar cycle, but not the journey itself. With this new 12-year cycle still having another 11 years to run, this was just stage one and the part of the journey when it was about setting your intentions for the coming year, but when more importantly, it was about reconnecting with your personal truth. This is what will continue to act as your GPS through the journey ahead, knowing that no intentions and resolutions you might make now can remain rigid. Life will continue to evolve and over the next 11 years you will have to change and adapt those intentions, which staying connected to your personal truth will do automatically.

It is said that on a long-haul plane flight, that due to the weather and atmospheric conditions, a plane is off course 90 percent of the time, but it is its built-in navigational system that is constantly making the course corrections that keep it on course and able to arrive at the right destination. Your personal truth and the one that the Year of the Rabbit has helped to fine tune, is your inbuilt navigational system. This will keep you on course as you move into the lucrative Year of the Dragon. While this has the potential the be a lucrative year and more so than any other year in a 12-year lunar cycle, it is not just about the money.

The Dragon will work to enrich all the currencies in your life, and he will do that by virtue of the fact that a rising tide will float all boats and not just selective ones. The Dragon works by boosting your confidence, a belief in yourself and in what you deserve. As you can’t attract what you don’t believe you deserve, it is by boosting your confidence and a belief in yourself that you will attract more. The Dragon will also give you the confidence to take more risks for while you are likely to get back more than you invest into the things that you want, more of nothing is still nothing. You can’t sit back during the Year of the Dragon and wait for life’s riches to flow in, with a need to be an active participant. You will get a better feel for this during the month of the Dragon from 9th April to 8th May, but first the month of the Rabbit, from 10th March to 9th April, will give you a chance to tie up loose ends from last year.

About the Rabbit
Rabbits are sensitive, caring and gentle creatures. It is considered the luckiest sign in the zodiac, for Rabbits have good characters. They are likely to come out unscathed from situations that could devastate most of us. They are shy, sentimental and popular amongst friends.

The Rabbit is non-confrontational and prefers to negotiate and compromise with quiet intelligence. Although when forced to, they will fight with courage and fierceness, hence their passive disposition must not be mistaken for docility. At worst, Rabbits can be moody and has certain deviousness because of their wish to avoid confrontations at all cost.

They are pleasure-loving creatures. They love being at home and the idea of love and marriage. Rabbits will frequently engage in temporary relationships that provide physical passions, although they rarely engage in anything long-term unless there is a solid promise of comfort and ease.

Compatible: Goats & Pigs
Incompatible: Roosters
Strained: Tigers, Monkeys & Horses

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