Pig Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Pig Chinese Zodiac
As you adjust to the first full week of the month of the Snake, you will be starting to get a sense of where there is pressure or where things are starting to stand out. The Pig and the Snake are opposing signs and at the halfway point in your current personal 12 month lunar cycle, it is where things don't gel with your personal truth that they will become more obvious. This can be felt in your relationships with others, where because of the Snake where your values or needs differ, this will be more obvious. This will also be the case with anything that you are doing in your life, with things either not feeling right or a natural fit. This is why this is such an important point in any year for a reset.

Year of the Dragon
Feb 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025
On 10th February the playful and creative Year of the Rabbit will end and the busy, industrious, and work focused month of the Dragon will begin, something that for you, will create a significant shift. Not only has the Year of the Rabbit put the focus on matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic, and creative, as the Pig and the Rabbit are part of the same triad of affinity, this was one of the easiest years in a 12-year lunar cycle. While the Year of the Dragon is unlikely to be a challenging year, it will be a busier year than last year. However, this is something that you are ready to embrace, while there will be some wriggle room when it comes to a transition.

In terms of how busy the Dragon’s influence could see things become, this won’t happen until we reach the month of the Dragon, which begins on a total solar eclipse on 9th April and will run through until 8th May. This is when there will be wall to wall Dragon influence, creating a real drive to make things happen and get things done. This is going to be a good month for work and job matters and a chance for the Year of the Dragon to build up some considerable speed and steam. However, the Dragon’s influence won’t just be felt on the job front, but with anything that keeps you busy or occupies your time. The Dragon doesn’t wait for things to happen, he gets in first and makes them happen.

Until then, the month of the Tiger from 10th February to 10th March will put the focus on home and family matters, while the month of the Rabbit, from 10th March to 9th April will be a chance to capture the playful and creative influence of the Year of the Rabbit before it fades. This is also a chance to spend the first two months of the Year of the Dragon getting the right work/life balance and the right balance between work and play, knowing that after that things are likely to not only become a lot busier but stay that way. Meanwhile, helping to get the most out of the opportunities that the Dragon will bring on the job front, will be the competitive and professionally charged month of the Monkey, which will run from 4th August to 3rd September.

About the Pig
The Pig is self-sacrificing, sincere and merry. They may come across cynical and brash in the beginning, but underneath the tough exterior is a perfectly softhearted and decent soul.

A Pig is noble and strong. They make great friends, although not always easy friends. Pigs expect their own generosity to be reciprocated equally by friends or they may quickly end the relationship. They also possess a reckless streak that can make them difficult to handle.

Pigs are noble and chivalrous people who are compassionate, diligent, generous, and fun to be with. They maintain lifelong friendships, yet even if they marry someone from their ideal partners, the relationships are likely to be rocky.

Despite the fact that they are good-humored, sociable and cheerful, tact is not one of the Pig's best virtues. They do not fare well in diplomatic careers. A Pig's emotional temperature is easily raised. They have strong sexual desires and physical love is very important to them. Pigs make loyal and loving partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Rooster Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Rooster

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