Pig Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Pig Chinese Zodiac
There is a mix of the old and the new in play as we move into the first full week of the month of the Ox but also the final weeks of the Year of the Rat. Fortunately, both get a boost from the Moon this week. For the Pig, the month of the Ox puts the focus on communication and it is a Snake Moon from Thursday to Saturday that will give you a chance to take advantage of that. Not only are the Snake and Ox the best of friends but where the Snake will put the focus on your relationships, the Ox is there to keep the communication lines open. The dynamics will be similar when the last Dragon Moon during the Year of the Rat begins on Monday. For the Pig, the Dragon puts the focus on work and job matters while the Rat is focused on the money, getting the week off to a good start on the income and job fronts.

Year of the Rat
January 25, 2020 - February 11, 2021
As much as the Year of the Pig has been an empowering year and a year when you got to revisit your native energy and push the reset button, it can be a challenging year. Not because of outside challenges but because this brings you back to your personal truth and if there are areas of your life where you are not being true to yourself, the Pig will call you out. If you were on the wrong path you will have found yourself blocked and you no longer had the option not to show up in your own life. Yet when the Year of the Pig ends on 24th January, you will feel the pressure drop, often realizing for the first time that it was there, while you will then start to feel the benefits.

This brings you to the start of the Year of the Rat, which for the Pig can be a lucrative year. However, this is not just about the money and the reason you attract more is that you know you deserve more. The Pig has spent close to a year helping you to find your personal truth and power and once it ends, this is when you step back into your own power and where the Rat can boost your confidence, this is when you really start to believe in yourself and in what you deserve. And yes, that does mean you are likely to attract more money during the Year of the Rat, which runs through to February 2021, but you are also likely to attract what you deserve across all the currencies in your life. This makes the professionally charged months of 2020 even more important, for if this is to be a lucrative year then movement on the job and career fronts will help with that. March and April are set to be the most significant months of the year for work and job developments and just months into the Year of the Rat, there will be the kind of income potential that doesn’t usually come with this.

Meanwhile, August and September are the most significant months of the year for career and professional opportunities, development and growth, again with lucrative potential thanks to the Rat. In the meantime, a leap month is putting extra focus on your relationships this year. The month of the Snake, which for the Pig always puts the focus on your relationships will run from 23rd April to 22nd May, only to repeat from 22nd May to 21st June.

About the Pig
The Pig is self-sacrificing, sincere and merry. They may come across cynical and brash in the beginning, but underneath the tough exterior is a perfectly softhearted and decent soul.

A Pig is noble and strong. They make great friends, although not always easy friends. Pigs expect their own generosity to be reciprocated equally by friends or they may quickly end the relationship. They also possess a reckless streak that can make them difficult to handle.

Pigs are noble and chivalrous people who are compassionate, diligent, generous, and fun to be with. They maintain lifelong friendships, yet even if they marry someone from their ideal partners, the relationships are likely to be rocky.

Despite the fact that they are good-humored, sociable and cheerful, tact is not one of the Pig's best virtues. They do not fare well in diplomatic careers. A Pig's emotional temperature is easily raised. They have strong sexual desires and physical love is very important to them. Pigs make loyal and loving partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Rooster

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