Pig Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Pig Chinese Zodiac
While last Friday's New Moon brought the month of the Pig to a close, this year there will be a feeling that things have been left open ended or unfinished. The month of the Pig is a chance to return to your personal truth, march to the beat of your own drum and is a time for new beginnings. When the month of the Pig ends, this is usually the last chance to embrace your native energy for another year, so comes with a sense of urgency. This time there was no urgency, for while the month of the Pig came to an end on last Friday's New Moon, the Year of the Pig is now just around the corner. Just eight weeks separate the end of the month of the Pig and the start of the Year of the Pig, with one a stepping stone to the other. Now it is all about finding the confidence to continue what you began over the last four weeks.

2018 - Year of the Dog
While the Year of the Dog isn’t exactly a cruisy year, it is a year when you’re able to fly under the radar. The Dog is a friendly and loyal year and for all of us he will try and be as helpful as he can, depending on what your needs are. The Dog knows that one of your most important needs this year will be time to hear yourself think, to reflect on the past, recharge your batteries and tie up loose ends. That’s because the Dog knows that when the Year of the Dog ends next February, this will always be followed by the Year of the Pig.

To help you out the Dog will try and by clearing a path through the year, make it easier to find time to reflect. Of course, life will go on and will continue to happen, which means you’re likely to be just as busy, with just as many things on the go. How the Dog is able to help is by minimizing guilt, allowing you to take time out when you need to. When the Year of the Pig begins on the 5th February 2019, this will kick off not only a year for major new beginnings but a new 12 year lunar cycle. It is the 12 year lunar cycle that began with the Year of the Pig in 2007, that has now reached its final year, a year for bringing things home. While the Dog and the Pig aren’t particularly close friends, they are next door neighbours and watching over the fence means the Dog knows what you need, often before you do. Another thing that the Dog will help you with, is to lighten up and have fun. The year begins with a lot of focus on home and family matters, but this year this is going to expose any work/life balance issues.

The Dog, wanting this year to be as trouble free for you as possible, will help you to address this. This will be especially so during the month of the Tiger, from the 17th February to the 18th March, but work/life balance will remain a priority all year. Mainly because this should be a stunning year for income, work and career matters, with the early weeks and the final months likely to be the most lucrative.

About the Pig
The Pig is self-sacrificing, sincere and merry. They may come across cynical and brash in the beginning, but underneath the tough exterior is a perfectly softhearted and decent soul.

A Pig is noble and strong. They make great friends, although not always easy friends. Pigs expect their own generosity to be reciprocated equally by friends or they may quickly end the relationship. They also possess a reckless streak that can make them difficult to handle.

Pigs are noble and chivalrous people who are compassionate, diligent, generous, and fun to be with. They maintain lifelong friendships, yet even if they marry someone from their ideal partners, the relationships are likely to be rocky.

Despite the fact that they are good-humored, sociable and cheerful, tact is not one of the Pig's best virtues. They do not fare well in diplomatic careers. A Pig's emotional temperature is easily raised. They have strong sexual desires and physical love is very important to them. Pigs make loyal and loving partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Rooster

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