Pig Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Pig Chinese Zodiac
Next Monday's New Moon will usher in the month of the Pig and with it the start of a new personal 12 month lunar cycle, one that will take you on a brand new journey. This Monday it is a different story, as you move into the final seven days of a 12 month lunar cycle that began last year, when back during last year's month of the Pig you were setting out on the same new journey that you will embark upon next Monday. The nostalgic and reflective month of the Dog is always an important point in any lunar cycle, with time to reflect and review the journey the last 12 months have taken you on. This is also a chance to spend time navel gazing and taking nostalgic trips down memory lane. Life is unlikely to let you spend the whole week navel gazing but when and where you can, make time to hear yourself think.

2019 - Year of the Pig
Moving into the Year of the Pig has several implications for you. This is obviously ‘your year’, with a chance to return to your native energy and to enjoy returning to the energy that you were born into. However, this has other, major implications that are important to be aware of from the get go. By moving into the Year of the Pig you are also moving into a new 12 year personal lunar cycle, with this first year a chance to lay down foundations for the future, planting seeds, and beginning new journeys. This also comes with a warning, one that can hopefully help you to avoid some challenges over the coming year.

The Pig has returned to help you reconnect with your personal truth and also to start this new 12 year journey. Yet this is a 12 year journey that the Pig only has influence over the first 12 months, after that he can’t do anything. So this is something that is taken seriously.

The Pig can see around corners and knows the opportunities and potential ahead. The Pig can also look back into the past, knowing the personal truth you were born with and where life has taken you since. The Pig takes its job of putting you on the right path and moving forward seriously, putting up blocks, pushing you off wrong paths and pulling you onto the right ones. You can feel under pressure during the Year of the Pig and this can create what appear to be challenges. Often, it is only after the Year of the Pig is over and as the years continue that you look back in hindsight and realize those challenges were in fact opportunities. Imagine if you knew that at the time, what a difference it would make and what could have happened, had you worked with, rather than fight the Pig.

You don’t have to imagine, because this is a chance to start with an open mind, trusting where the Pig is leading you. This lunar year has a close link with the lunar nodes and in particular the North Node. This suggests a much easier experience this time around, with a sense of adventure in the air.

About the Pig
The Pig is self-sacrificing, sincere and merry. They may come across cynical and brash in the beginning, but underneath the tough exterior is a perfectly softhearted and decent soul.

A Pig is noble and strong. They make great friends, although not always easy friends. Pigs expect their own generosity to be reciprocated equally by friends or they may quickly end the relationship. They also possess a reckless streak that can make them difficult to handle.

Pigs are noble and chivalrous people who are compassionate, diligent, generous, and fun to be with. They maintain lifelong friendships, yet even if they marry someone from their ideal partners, the relationships are likely to be rocky.

Despite the fact that they are good-humored, sociable and cheerful, tact is not one of the Pig's best virtues. They do not fare well in diplomatic careers. A Pig's emotional temperature is easily raised. They have strong sexual desires and physical love is very important to them. Pigs make loyal and loving partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Rooster

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