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In both the early weeks of the year and then throughout the year, there are two powerful groups that have formed. One group centres around lucky Jupiter’s position in your relationship sector until 3rd December. The other group is centred around Saturn and Pluto’s position in your financial sector, with Jupiter joining that group from 3rd December. This was always going to be a powerful and important year for all your relationships, from your personal to professional relationships and everything in between. This was always going to be with the support of Uranus, in your friendship sector until 6th March. They are joined by Mars on New Year’s Day, firing things up in a way that will make the first six weeks of 2019 auspicious for friendship and relationship building.

This will be supported by a total lunar eclipse in your communication sector on 21st January, creating the potential for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. Venus’ return on 8th January will see the planets of love and luck come together to create some of the most auspicious relationship weeks of 2019. However, they will get to do it again when Venus comes full circle on 2nd November, returning to your relationship sector to help make Jupiter’s final month as auspicious as possible. The support you have around your relationships this year you also have around money matters and again an eclipse is part of this.

The year will always begin with the Sun in your financial sector, shining the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters. With Saturn and Pluto here all year and Jupiter returning on 3rd December, the year will end with even more support. In the meantime, a solar eclipse in your financial sector on 6th January will get this new financial year off to an auspicious start. Support on the financial front will mainly kick in from mid February and then blossom from March onwards. This is less tangible and more subtle support, with Mars and Uranus returning to fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. Mars will leave but Uranus is in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart and at friendly aspect to financial forces until 2026. While 2019 is not an overly busy professional year, conditions across the income, work and career fronts in the early weeks suggest a good year on all three fronts.


This year your relationships jump to the very front of the queue from the get go and they will stay there for the whole of 2019. And that is saying something, for a year that offers a lot, across a number of areas of your life. However, everything changed with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion’s return to your relationship sector in November. Here now until 3rd December, throughout all the seasons of the year, Jupiter will be here supporting relationship growth and building. On one hand, this is a lucky year for relationship matters, but Jupiter is not just the planet of luck but the planet of expansion as well. To start with this will have meant exposing the good, the bad and everything in between. Yet whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, Jupiter needs to strip back to an authentic starting point, in order to begin the rebuilding.

This is where things stand at the start of the year. You begin the year with Mercury, the planet of communication on board and while he will leave on 5th January, this allows you to start the year with the communication lines open from the get go. And this is something that Mercury has worked on for a long time, having returned at the end of October last year, for what should have been a 14 to 15 day visit. The planet that will really take this to the next level is Venus, with the planet of love returning to your relationship sector on 8th January. Here until 4th February, whatever it has taken to get to this point, this is when the planets of love and luck will come together to create something special. While Jupiter will leave on 3rd December, Venus will come full circle from 2nd November to 26th November, with the Sun returning on 23rd November and Mercury on 9th December.

What began in the final months of 2018, will continue to unfold through to the final days of 2019. While 2019 is a major year for relationship matters, romantic matters have had their turn in other years. However, the love gods will make up for this by delivering not one but two Full Moons in your romantic sector this year, the first on 21st March and the second just four weeks later, on 19th April. These are the romantic high-points of the first half of the year, with a need to wait until September to experience the most romantically charged months of 2019. This will begin on 14th September and run through to 19th November. Throughout this time a strong relationship theme is running in the background.


For years now, the balance of power has been on money matters, with long term planetary activity in your financial sector since Pluto returned in 2008 and only limited and intermittent focus on income matters. This became even more pronounced when Saturn returned to your financial sector in December 2017, beginning a three year financial boot camp that won’t run its course until December 2020. Spending the whole of 2019 here, this was once again looking like the focus would once again be balanced towards your financial situation and money matters as a whole. While there are still some powerful forces in play on the financial front and a need to continue to take responsibility, the lunar nodes have returned to restore some balance.

While the South Node is in your financial sector from November 2018 to May 2020, the more powerful and dominant North Node is in your income sector throughout that time. This restores a lot of the balance, while the eclipses this will create are injecting a lot more energy into both income and money matters this year. It begins with a solar eclipse in your financial sector on 6th January, promising an empowered start to this financial year. To start with the focus will remain on your financial situation and money matters, as is always the case during the early months of any year. However, as the year gets off to a good start on the job and career fronts, having the North Node in your income sector will ensure that where things go professionally, the money will follow.

You will feel the full impact of the North Node’s presence in your income sector when the first planets start arriving. While the Sun doesn’t return to your income sector until the later days of June each year, Mars will kick things off much earlier, with his return on 16th May. This is the start of a particularly lucrative period that will run from Mars’ return on 16th May to Mercury’s departure on 12th August. There are pockets where the conditions will be particularly lucrative. The first is while Mars is here, from 16th May to 2nd July. A total lunar eclipse on 3rd July will see the North Node flex its full muscles, capitalizing on everything that has been building since then. This could trigger some major and unexpected income developments in the early days of July. Another particularly lucrative period will run from 4th July to 28th July. This makes the six weeks leading up to the solar eclipse on 3rd July and the four weeks leading on from this, the most potentially lucrative. Yet in the final weeks of the year, everything changes again, with lucky Jupiter’s return to your financial sector on 3rd December kicking off your most auspicious year for financial growth in over a decade.


While the rest of us had a chance to take our professional hats off over the holiday period, there is a good chance that you will move into 2019 feeling like your 2018 professional year never ended. In reality it didn’t, with a spill over into the early days of the New Year. This allows you to hit the ground running, but then pull back and assess your options. You begin the year with Mars in your career sector and Venus in your work sector, creating an auspicious start to the year on both fronts. However, with Mars leaving on New Year’s Day and Venus on 8th January, this is more a case of your 2018 professional year spilling into the early days of this year. After that things dial back, with Venus’ departure ending 15 months of continuous planetary activity on the job front, while Mars will give Neptune, in your career sector since 2012 and Chiron, here since 2010, a chance to pull back.

While this is a chance for you to catch your breath and create a firebreak between one professional year and the next, it also means that you start the year with a huge amount of momentum on the job and career fronts, which can now take on a life of its own. Apart from a Full Moon on the job front on 19th May, all the activity in the first half of the year is on the career front, as is usually the case. That wasn’t the case last year, which is why 2018 was so busy. Things become active again on the career front with Mercury’s return to your career sector on 11th February. Able to pick up from where Mars left off on New Year’s Day, this could see some exciting developments unfold between 11th February and 21st April. This won’t have the intensity of the final months of 2018, but you no longer need that.

Instead, this is a chance to look at where you want to take things this year. After a busy two months on the career front, things will dial back and with dreamy Neptune now on his own here for the majority of the year, it becomes more about keeping the dream alive and on track. The pace will pick up on the job front from 3rd October to 9th December. After Venus leaves your work sector on 8th January, this is the three month period where the professional gods are focused on work and job matters. There wasn’t a moment of 2018 that there wasn’t planetary activity on the job front, with much of this year building on what has already been created. This will be a chance to look at something new.

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The trouble is that Geminis can get carried away with their own wit and talk more than they work. Less time spend gossiping round the water cooler, and more time actually at the desk, will see you shooting ahead in your career. Things just get ugly when you get caught up in trivia and overlook the important things.

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