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A triad of support in the early weeks of the year really is a taste of things to come, with forces across the communication, friendship and relationship fronts working in unison. This centres on lucky Jupiter, who is spending the majority of the year in your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking. This makes this an auspicious year for connecting in general, being a team player and connecting with those who will not only play an important part in your life this year, but over the coming years. It is when Venus teams up with Jupiter from 8th January to 4th February that the laws of attraction and synchronicity will be in effect, with fate working to put you in the right place at the right time.

A total lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on 21st January will create an especially auspicious and serendipitous time for friendship and relationship building. Fortunately, the year begins with Mars’ return to your communication sector on New Year’s Day, with an explosion of support on the communication front in the first two months of the year, to a slightly lesser degree for the next few months and then in a more background way for the rest of the year. Jupiter will continue to make this a socially engaged and connected year until he leaves on 3rd December. This is when the 13 month wind down of your current 12 year Jupiter cycle will begin, one that will require more time to reflect.

You are already in the second of a three year wind down of your current three decade long Saturn cycle. With Saturn returning to Aquarius on 17th December 2020 and Jupiter on 20th December 2020, preparations are already underway for 2021, destined to be a powerful and important year. In the meantime, Mars is set to become part of a wave that also makes this an important year for home and family matters. This is something that begins in earnest in mid February, but will gather strength and importance for the rest of the year. At the same time, while last year’s professional pace hasn’t followed you into 2019, there is enough support to make this an exciting year across the income, work and career fronts.


While 2019 is not a major year for either romantic or relationship matters, in that the love and relationship gods aren’t on the field all year, what there is, is all good. To start with there is a throwback to the last two years, in the form of a total lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on 21st January. This is a super charged version of the Full Moon that falls here at some point during your birthday month, creating a clash between your personal and relationship needs. While the lunar nodes left Aquarius and your relationship sector in November, this is a throwback from that time, bringing a reminder of the balance lessons learned in the past. This could also be a catalyst for unexpected relationship developments. Fate will definitely be in play around this time.

With no other focus on your relationships until midyear, the relationship gods will be doing all they can to get your attention during this total lunar eclipse. However, in the early part of the year, it is not the relationship but the love gods that will have your attention. Held back by a retrograde phase last year, Venus is late to return to Aquarius, not arriving until March, though with perfect timing. Venus will often move through Aquarius during your birthday month, but this year will move through from 2nd March to 27th March. What makes the timing so auspicious, is that Mars will reach your romantic sector on 31st March, just four days after the planet of love has finished updating your romantic desires and expectations for the coming year.

Mars opens the door to the most romantically charged months of 2019, which won’t fully run their course until Venus, the planet of love moves through from 9th June to 4th July. What Venus begins in the early days of March will continue for an incredible five months. Different players will come and go during that time, but between them, they will keep the spirit of romance alive, for much longer than is normally the case. It is while this is still running its course that this year’s relationship developments will begin, with Mercury’s return to your relationship sector on 21st June. This opens the door to a shorter two month focus on your relationships, which will run from 21st June to 29th August. After the focus your relationships have received over recent years, the love gods figure that in 2019 it is their turn. This includes Venus’ second visit to Aquarius for the year, from 20th December to 14th January 2020. The year might begin with the focus on your relationships, but the love gods are having the biggest impact this year.


While Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos will leave your income sector on New Year’s Day and will only impact the very early hours of the year, starting the year with this advantage is a bell that can’t be unrung. Especially as Mars returned in mid November and has spent the final six weeks of 2018 firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit, while urging you to fight for what you deserve. With Venus, the planet of money starting the year in your career sector, this will benefit her mission to steer this professional year in a lucrative direction from the get go. While things will quieten down on the income front after that, with that kind of start the parameters for what you will and won’t accept are set from the get go.

Yet while Mars leaves on New Year’s Day the money gods will keep the focus on income matters, for here you have the advantage of having Neptune in your income sector from 2012 to 2026. In essence, unlike money matters, which are only active for a few months each year, the money gods have a permanent money god on station on the income front. However, things will dial back, only to pick up when Mercury returns to your income sector on 11th February, for what should be a two week visit aimed at giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game. Instead, Mercury is here until 17th April and during that time the Sun will leave and Venus will return on 27th March to take over, not wrapping up this active phase until 21st April.

Chiron will leave your income sector on 18th February, not to return for another five decades. This ends a need to rehash the past, leaving dreamy Neptune as the sole manager of your income situation and matters for the next seven years. On his own, after Venus leaves on 21st April, Neptune will make sure income matters never completely go off the boil. However, the majority of the momentum is created in the first four months of the year. Money matters, as is always the case won’t get their turn until the second half of the year. It begins with Mars’ return on 18th August and ends with his departure on 4th October. During that time the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all move through your financial sector, creating a short, intense and empowered period where much of this year’s main focus on money matters will happen.


While Jupiter left your career sector in early November, wrapping up a 13 month visit that will continue to have implications for years to come, the professional gods haven’t quite finished tying up loose ends. Venus spent much of Jupiter’s final months here and after returning in early August for what should have been less than a four week visit, is remarkably still here as you move into the New Year. A retrograde phase meant that Venus spent two months here before retrograding back out, only to return for a double dip visit in early December. Until she leaves on 8th January, Venus is a link to all that has transpired since October 2017, with a chance to bring things home.

There will be no more planetary activity on the career front once Venus leaves, but with the North Node in your work sector all year, there will be more than enough momentum and a clear sense of direction. There wasn’t a moment of 2018 when you were able to take your professional hat off and while the North Node will keep your work hat on all year, apart from certain times during the year, this is more like having a compass or a GPS, giving you a clear sense of direction, but also a tailwind. Apart from a Full Moon in your career sector on 19th May, there will be no more planetary activity here until the final months of the year. It will begin with Mercury’s return on 3rd October and run through to early 2020, with the final three months of the year the best for career matters.

The busiest months of any year on the job front are usually June and July, when the Sun moves through your work sector. Yet this year, this is more the epicentre of a much larger period, with things getting busier much earlier. It begins with Mars’ return on 16th May, with his first visit in nearly two years, creating what could be the busiest weeks of the year, before leaving on 2nd July. The timing is auspicious, because having the North Node here turns what should be an ordinary New Moon on 3rd July into a total solar eclipse. This creates the potential for major new beginnings. Venus will return on 4th July, creating a clear picture of developments on the job front this year. The solar eclipse is the epicentre, with the potential for major new developments and opportunities. Mars will spend six weeks here in the lead up to this solar eclipse, leaving just a day before, while Venus will return a day after to capitalize on anything this might trigger. Between the Sun, Mercury and Venus, they will take until 12th August to wrap things up.

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